What Horoscope Sign Is My Soulmate? I'm A Leo.


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Well, who knows what star sign your soulmate will be? But I do know Leos are most compatible with Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra!

Leo's soulmate sign

  • Aries is the most compatible sign for Leo. Both of these signs are extremely emotional and this makes for a truly close and significant relationship. Aries and Leo enjoy attention, and learning to balance this between you and your partner will be the biggest challenge. If you overcome this then look forward to a long-lasting and loving partnership!
  • Sagittarius will also work well with Leo. Both are fire signs so except a fiery encounter! They both cherish excitement, change and adventure, which should make this a most enjoyable match. However, both like to be dominant which could lead to a power struggle in the relationship unless someone submits. Sagittarians like their freedom, something which the Leo will find it hard to comprehend.
  • The Gemini/Leo match should also have some potential. There will be ample mutual attraction between these two, and both will love the glamour and charm that their partner exudes. The carefree and adventurous nature of the Leo may clash with the more unreasonable Gemini, which could cause a whole host of problems.
  • Libra and Leo could also form a meaningful bond. They will find they have a lot of hobbies and interests in common which will make for an exciting and enjoyable relationship. The Leo demands constant attention and love, something which the Libra finds it tough to adapt to. This could be a stumbling block in this match.
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It is Libra.
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Being a Leo, you are easy going, and fun loving, you get along with just about everyone. Over time, I have found repeatedly that Aquarians are matched up nicely with us Leos. Hope this helps.
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LOL. I am a leo, and I only wish it were true about getting along with everyone. This is partly why I do not really believe in horoscopes.
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Good luck. Just because someone says you may or may not be compatible with a certain person I would not follow it. I would follow your heart. I'm not saying astrology isn't fun but follow your heart. Good luck.
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I do not believe in astrology, but if it is any help, I'm a Leo, and have been happily married to an Aries for 20+ years, even though this match isn't considered very compatible.
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Scorpio. Instant mutual fascination, respect and trust. When they get together they have each other's back through thick and thin. I've never hit it off with Sagittarius. Aires and Gemini can also be good matchs.

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