I'm A Libra. Is My Soulmate's Sign Leo?


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Aries is considered the best match for a Libra, with Gemini and Aquarius following closely behind, therefore I think it's more likely that your soulmate will be an Aries rather than a Leo.

Having said this, Libra and Leo do make a very good combination, even if it isn't as naturally strong as a Libra and Aries match would be.

Leo and Libra - soulmates?
  • These two will find that they have a lot in common, as it's just the way they express themselves that differs. The main thing they will agree on is the beauty of their partner!
  • Both these signs like to have fun and socialise. Leos and Libras will have wide social circles which both will have to appreciate and accept.
  • The Leo in the relationship is immensely impressed with the Libra's charming nature and popularity and, in contrast, the Libra is in awe of the Leo's self confidence and ambition. These subtle differences are vital in helping the relationship and the individuals within it to grow.
  • Leos are naturally creative, another trait which is admired by the Libra. Libras are better leaders than followers, and their guiding hand can really help the Leo reach their potential.
So although Aries would be considered the best star sign match for a Libra, a Leo/Libra relationship could also work well. The couple may have to work hard to understand their differences, but ultimately this pairing will be very exciting and loving.

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