If Scorpio And Cancer Are Ideal Soulmates, Then How Do You Get Cancers To Express Themselves? And How Do I Win The Trust Of A Cancer?


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Maud La Roux answered
Cancers take a lot of time to feel that they can open themselves up to people.

The key to winning the trust of a Cancer man or woman is to be patient with them. When they feel ready, they will happily express themselves and trust their partner.

Both Scorpio and Cancer are emotional and intuitive signs - because of their shared water element - but Scorpio is more direct with their feelings, whereas Cancers tend to be more cautious.

Can Cancer and Scorpio be soul-mates?
  • Once the Cancer has relaxed, then these two will enjoy a powerful emotional connection, which is extremely intimate and which will - at times - almost seem telepathic.
  • This will make the relationship a very relaxed and easy-going partnership which will serve both partners well. However, the Scorpio must learn to be patient first!
  • On the downside, these two both have a tendency to become jealous and possessive of their lovers.
  • They could also try to manipulate each other emotionally, which will not serve the relationship well.
Scorpio with Cancer has always been a great match, but the Scorpio must remain patient until the Cancer feels comfortable enough to open up to them.
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It is important that you make the other person realize that you love him/her, in every relationship.

Once this is established, the other person whether Cancerian or not will not have any wandering eyes. You can win his trust by being close to him, listening to him, understanding his needs and problems. They key is becoming so close to him that he does not have any substitute for you.
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I'm a Cancer female. Cancers are one of the few signs that can handle a Scorpio.

Your Cancer is a man. Most men have trouble expressing themselves, it undermines their machoness. He is probably telling you in other ways, that women often do not get. His care and protectiveness, the way he looks at you, maybe he fixes your car or does favors for you or your family.

Have a picture made of the two of you, by a good photographer, start an album, Cancerians love to look at the past. It brings them closer to people.

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