Why Do Christians And Jews Live Their Lives So Much Differently?


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This is a very good question, and I don't know if I can give you a satisfactory answer, but you have focused on a very basic difference.  Those of the Jewish faith are still waiting for a messiah, whereas Christians accept Jesus as their savior. 

The Torah, which consists of the first five books of the Old testament, is attributed to Moses, and includes the history, laws and ethics of Judaism.  We are supposed to live our lives based on those laws and ethics, but few sects take them literally today.  Yet they do form the basis for many of our traditions and customs

I don't think Christians disregard what is in the Old Testament.  Rather, their focus is on Jesus and the writings in the New Testament.  Christians still teach the stories in the Old Testament.  They believe in creation as recorded in Genesis which is the first book of the Torah.  The story of Adam and Eve and the great flood are a part of Christian teachings. 

I know this is a very simplistic explanation, but I'm not a theologist. 
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David C
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Yeah, it is hard to deal with a lot of the hate out there. I've never understood the fact that you need to accept Jesus into your heart to be saved according to them. He didn't die so that everyone needed to accept him as their savior.. he did it so they did not have to accept anything and they would be forgiven. I've always wondered if they're breaking one of the commandments by worshipping Jesus like they do. Would be kinda funny if they were forcing everyone to do something that wasn't even accepted by their own religion and they just didn't understand it. I always get the same "he is part of the trinity" response when I ask Christians about it but seriously it doesn't really warrant the worship of one over the other. I personally believe that if there is some sort of afterlife there wouldn't be a heaven and a hell. Honestly if an all-knowing all-powerful just being could see my life through my own eyes I think there would be complete understanding of why my views are the way that they are. So I've got no problem, although Christians don't think it's enough. I never saw that video but it is believable. I went to a private christian school through middle school and part of high school and the students learned that I went to the Jewish temple back then. You wouldn't believe the things that I had to put up with. I'm a rather big guy.. so I could have done something about it but I never did. I just ended up leaving the school for a public one. I wish I would have sued though, would been nice having a lot of money :).
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You know the commandments about idols and graven images? How come Christian churches are plastered with pictures and statues? How come they worship Jesus and saints and not just G-d? It's all rather confusing to me. How do they reconcile it all? I feel more at peace with my lack of belief than they do with all of theirs.
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I usually ask the Christians that I run into on the college campus who walk around trying to preach to the passer-bys. It ends up with them digging through their bible trying to quote verses and sometimes they get very uncomfortable and walk away from me. I've always wondered why they do it. Hmm.. now I want to start a debate on this now just to hear some of the responses.

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