What Are The Differences Between Jews And Christians, And What Is The Jewish Opinion Of Jesus?


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Difference between Jews and Christians

1. The major difference between the Jews and the Christians is the existence of Jesus Christ. The Jews consider Jesus as a good teacher or the Prophet of God. The Christians believe Him to be the Messiah the promised Saviour.
2. They believe in oneness of God and the thought of God in three persons is wrong. Whereas Christians believe in the Holy Trinity.
3. Christianity believes that God became man in the form of Jesus, to be sacrificed for the sins of man, while the Jews strongly deny this; believing such a sacrifice was not necessary.
4. In Judaism, it is believed that man is basically good but has evil inclinations, whereas in the Bible it is stated, 'The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time." (Genesis 6:5).

Jewish belief of Jesus

The Jews fail to see Jesus as the 'Promised Messiah' who was promised in the 'Old Testament' by the Prophets. Not all the Jews believe in the coming of Messiah. The Jews even today are waiting for the Messiah who will come and restore the peace.

The Jews do not have the concept of the 'Miraculous Birth', 'The Suffering', or the 'Resurrection' of the Messiah.
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There are a lot of differences between Jews and Christan's. For one thing, Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ. They believe that the Saviour WILL come while the Christan's believe in Jesus Christ. They believe  that the Savior is Jesus Christ IS the Savior. And obviously Christan's celebrate Christmas while the Jews celebrate Hanukkah. Jews also celebrate Passover. Christan's celebrate Easter. Easter is when Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. Passover is when the Jews put lamb's blood over the door and the Angel of Death passover ed their house. And the Christan's have a bible. The Jew's have a tora. And only 5 books of the Old Testament are in the Tora. These are only a few of the differences of Jews and Christan's. And Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ. I hope this answered your questions.
God bless you.
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There are more similarities between Jewish believers and Christian believers, than many people realize. When Jesus came to earth the religion being practiced was the Jewish religion. The religion of all who worshipped God as Creator of the world. Pagan religions also existed at the time, those religions whose followers worshipped false gods.

The Religion of Mary and Joseph was the Jewish religion Jesus worshipped God as a Jew, until the time came for Him to fulfil the Father's will. Jesus came to fulfil the Old Law by giving us the New Law, the law of love.

The Old Law was the way of fear; God the Father wanted His people to learn, He is a loving Father. Jesus gave us the New Law and summed up the Ten Commandments when He said: I am giving you a new commandment: you are to love God and the second is like the first, you are to love your neighbour as yourself.

Many of the Jewish religion did not accept Jesus and would not let go of the Old Law. As Jesus began teaching the twelve, appointed Apostles some Jewish people began to follow Him and others did not. Some believed the teachings of Jesus were too difficult. He was teaching a new way of life, some were unable to accept.

Words like: The Father and I are One was too much for some to believe. When Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit some could not believe. Accepting the belief in a Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, yet, only one God was too much for some to believe. Some could accept Jesus as a good man, but could not accept Jesus as the Son of God.

To many people Jesus was a prophet and no more. When Jesus began to perform miracles, some could not believe His power was from God, whom He claimed was His Father; the Father of all. At the Last Supper Jesus blessed bread broke it and said, This is My body, then He took a cup of wine, blessed it and said, This is My blood. Some believed Him and many did not.

As Jesus taught He used many of the Jewish religion rituals and those rituals are part of the Christian religion today, just as they are part of the Jewish religion. The more one learns about the Jewish religion the more one learns about the traditions and rituals of the Christian religion.

The scriptures of the Old Testament is found in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible. However, the Christian religion includes the New Testament, the teachings of Jesus.

Both religions worship God and both religions have beautiful traditions and rituals. Both Religions worship the same God. Both religions seek to live as true believers of God; the Christian religion believes the path to the Father is the path of Jesus, the Jewish religion believes the way to God is the way of the Old Law.
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There is lot of discussion on the perspective of Christians and Jews. Here I am adding some comments from the perspective of Muslims? (Please forgive me because the question was asked just about Christians and Jews).

The Muslims believe that the Holy Jesus was just a prophet of God just like Mohammad (PBUH), Holy Joseph (AS), Holy Moosa (AS), Holy David (AS) and the Holy Solomon (AS) etc.

Christians believe that Holy Jesus was slaughter (please read the background of “cross”) and He would reappear near the dooms day. They also believe the He is the son of God.

But Muslims believe in Him some differently. They believe that He is not the son of God. He was God’s prophet like other prophets. They believe that He was not slaughtered. Rather God saved Him and He was ascended/lifted towards sky by God. He will descend/reappear on the eastern minaret of Masjid-e-Aksa (Holy Mosque in Israel) and two angels will be lifting Him on their wings. It will be near the dooms day and will be the same era when Immam Mehdi (AS) will appear. Immam Mehdi will lead a prayer there and Jesus will follow Him. Remember, according to Muslims, this will be the same ear when Dajjal will appear (some where near Israel). Then there would be a Holy Battle. Dajjal will lead all the evil forces and the Holy Jesus and Immam Mehdi will lead the Holy Forces. They will fight against Dajjal until all the evils are defeated and disappeared from the earth. Dooms day will appear after the 40 years of this incident.
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Jews still practice Judaism, which is still hardening their hearts from God. They reject His son the Christ and in return God let them become depraved of mind to do as they desire, much like the unbelievers of the world. This religious thing though is what put Christ on the cross. We don't, as true Christians, practice a religion, but live a holy lifestyle acceptable before God(Romans 12:1-2) at ALL TIMES. There are religious Christians and then faithful Christians. Jews still abide by the law of Moses and we still uphold to it, but we worship God through the GRACE found in Jesus Christ. Religions will be awakened in these last days as people will understand that although you red your bible and say your prayers, its a heart thing. You can repetitiously do these things and still not gain anything. Its about setting your heart on the things of God and not following any certain religious ways. God is out for a people after His own heart, much like David. We will never see God if we operate in systematic religion. The Jews are now becoming more believing of Christ.
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The history of Christianity has a lot to do with Jews hardening their hearts. Also even if a Jew believes in Jesus they are still expected to keep God's Law (Torah). Paul was speaking to gentiles, so if you read closely, you will see Paul still kept the Law which is how he was imprisoned the late in life and that is where he died. God's covenants build one on top of the other, they don't get replaced otherwise God is a covenant breaker and He cannot be. We are a new creation yet as Paul stated I see myself as in a poor reflection but then I will see myself fully as I am. Grace is found in Jesus but it is also found in the Torah, Jesus is the Torah. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Torah (word) and the Torah (word) was with God and the Torah (word) was God.
Jesus said: I did not come to abolish the Law but fulfill it and anyone who teaches others to not keep the law will be called least in the kingdom. (paraphrased)
Your mindset is just like mine was until I researched if what I believe was reality. You will find out very quickly that we have been lied to. Jesus thought process was extremely like a pharisee, in fact He held to the teachings of Rabbi Hillel accept about marriage, there He held to Rabbi Shamai.
Go to FFOZ.org if you want the truth and I guarantee the truth will set you free.
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The main difference between the two religions is the god they choose to worship. Which is largely why I have so much trouble grasping the full concept of the Bible sometimes. The Jewish god (a.k.a. Old Testament God) was violent, wrathful, and spiteful. On more than dozens of times, he instructed mass genocides to be carried out by his chosen people. He laid waste to whole towns in a rain of sulfur and brimstone. He killed newborn babies. He even killed every single thing on the planet except for a handful of people and their animals on a boat. The Christian god (a.k.a. New Testament God) is a complete polar opposite. Instead for burning your enemy's village to the ground and murdering their children, He taught to love your enemy as your friend. Instead of "eye for an eye", He gave us "turn the other cheek." He even loved Mankind so much, he sent his only son to die for our sins.

It truly amazes me how the gods in these two books are completely different characters, yet are always treated as the same deity.
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Jewish people do not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah- the Son of God.  They do worship the one and only God (Jehovah) just like Christians.  But Christians the word basically  means Little Christs.  We believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Promised One.  Jews are still waiting for Messiah to come.  But there are Jews called Messianic Jews- who still follow the Jewish traditions but also follow Jesus as Saviour.
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Jesus spent most of his life studying learning about The Law of Moses. During his last days, he presented a simplified version of that law to those who would listen. Jesus was born a Jew, he lived as a Jew, and he died a Jew. He and his followers believed in the same God as the Jews. Because, they were Jews. After the establishment of The Catholic Church, Christianity moved away from its Jewish roots. To bring Pagans into the flock, Mary was deified. To give greater power to the Church, believers were separated from God and told to prey to Jesus and/or Mary, Over time, Jews too lost their roots. Most were persuaded that the writings of men (the Talmud) were more important than The Law of Moses, first given by God more than 5,000 years ago. What was once a faith in an almighty God became "a way of life" dominated by rabbis and the rules written by their predecessors. If you believe that there is an almighty God, then it doesn't matter whether you are a Christian or a Jew. Long ago it wa written that all who call upon Him will be heard. And that all who believe in Him will be saved. His name is God. Whether you call upon him by name as a Jew, you call upon God in Jesus's name as a Christian, or you call upon God as a follower of Muhammad as a Muslim, your prayers will be heard. There are many followers with many religions but only one God. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are wrong. If you want to know the truth, read the word of God. Starting with the words "In the beginning ..." in Genesis and ending with words "The End" that appear at the end of the New Testement in the King James Bible. Read every word and you will know the truth. Open the Quron and read it from start to finish. Learn all that you can learn by reading those words. And you will find that the differences between all who believe in God are far less meaingful than what they share in common.
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A Christian believes Jesus is the prophesied Messiah who died for their sins. Jews do not believe Jesus was their awaited Messiah (and therefore aren't Christian). The Old Testament made references to the coming Messiah and a New Covenant (ex: Isaiah 53 and Jeremiah 31)
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Jewish folk don't believe that Jesus was the Messiah who was proposed to come. My question is, If not Jesus then who? Jesus came and fulfilled every prophecy. I just wonder who they are still waiting on.
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The difference is jews don't believe the messiah prophesied about in the torah/bible has come yet and Christians believe he has(jesus). Jewish people are also a culture/race...while christianity is open to all races. Jewish people still believe they are God's special and chosen the bible states that their purposes are already fulfilled and salvation is open to both jew and gentile. But all other beliefs should be the same including the Friday-saturday sabbath. But after roman powers and Catholicism corrupted changed christianity forever Christianity has become divided into several denominations. In a nutshell Christianity is simply the follow up of Judaism.
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In a nut shell the Jews believe that the messiah is yet to deliver them from sin yadda yadda. And the Christians except that Christ is the living god and savior. I mean it obviously goes into more detail but in the non religious terms that's it in a nut shell...
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The intolerance in the previous statements regarding the Jewish faith and the Jewish people is appalling. Of course, it really isn't a surprise given the history of anti-Semitic rhetoric espoused by followers of the "Christian" faith for roughly the past 2000 years. In other words, the relationship between Christianity and Judaism has traditionally been very poor. Over the past two millennia, Christians have engaged in or supported persistent, hateful anti-Semitism which has seen the death and suffering of millions of Jews in Europe and beyond. Christian Anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism can be traced back to the earliest days of Christianity, culminating in the Nazi Holocaust of the 20th century. However, American Christians today have rejected the overt, bigoted anti-Semitism that characterized Christianity of the past. They no longer conspire to keep Jews out of housing, jobs, universities, and other places in society. This bigotry has not been entirely replaced by acceptance, though - it has been replaced in many ways by a quieter contempt.
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You speak a lot of truth however Christianity is waking up to the realities of the lies we were taught. It takes time but we are beginning he mend, I ask for patience and hope we as Christians become much better representatives of Hashem's Love
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There's loads of reasons
First of all, the religion of the Jews is called Judaism and the religion of the Christians is called Christianity.

Judaism in general does not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Therefore, when Jewish person becomes a Christian, they are no longer consider to be a Jew. Whereas the christians do recognize Jesus as the messiah.

Jews and Christians have a different take on some Old Testament writings. For instance, though we both look to a messiah, practicing Jews believe the Messiah hasn't yet come, while Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah. Jews believe the Messiah will set up a powerful, kingly reign on earth and reunite Israel, but Christians see Jesus as both the king and the suffering servant (Isaiah 53) who died on the cross. Christians' hope is not just in this world, but in a future heaven with Christ.
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Yes, we are all children of God, but there are differences between Jews and Christians. If we were supposed to follow the Old law, then why is the New law in the BIble? Jesus died on the cross, so that there would be a New law and that we can be forgiven of our sins.
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God all mighty, having mercy of us all sinners came to earth born as Jesus to walk with us, to teach us and show us his powers. He hurt like us humans and had temptations that he overcame that most of us can not overcome. And instead of living in the eye for eye law, Jesus gave us a chance to be forgiven through his blood. There is no difference between Jews and Christians. We both worship the same God. The only thing that changed was a law through the love of a son.
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Generally speaking Jews don't believe in Jesus.  Some Jews do. 

Jews come from the Ancient nation of Israel.  Israel split into two nations.  Jews, some Levites, Benjamin, and a smattering of other Tribes became part of the lower nation.  The northern nation, was called the Ten tribes. 

The ten tribes eventually were conquered, taken away in chains, and never seen again.

So the Jews are a tribe, that consists mostly of Judah, but also Levites, and some other miscelaneous tribes that escaped to the lower kingdom, before the northern kingdom was led away.
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Jesus was both Christ and human he rose again three days after crucifixion as Isaiah the prophet said in the old testament Jews may think that he was just a prophet but I believe he was much more.
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The jewish believe Jesus the king of jews and the savour of man kind hasn't descended yet.
Christians believe Jesus was once on this earth and died for a sins , and he will come again.
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I don't think so let me ask you a question how can one die for the sins of all humans when he himself is a human too
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Christians believe....
* There is only one true God. (Ephesians 4:6)
* Jesus Christ is the son of the Father and is God in the Flesh (John 1:1-3,14)
* Jesus died and rose again (1 Thessalonians 4:14)
* Jesus is the only way to the Father (John 14:6)
* The Bible is the inerrant Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
* And most important... We don't just believe, we live for Christ (John 14:15, 23)
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There is no difference between christians and jewish people.. We are all children of god!! Everybody should understand that and stop thinking other stuff.. We are all one!!
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The Christians, Jews and the Muslims have a lot in common, with regards to their religious beliefs. The commonality arises due to the fact that the holy books of all three sects have similar events and names documented, around the similar periods of recorded history. The Christian Bible is divided into two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. While the former discusses events and characters during the pre-Christ era, the latter specifies the chronicles documented by the apostles of Jesus. The Torah documents events only of the pre-Christ era.

The Christians believe that Jesus was indeed the 'savior' of mankind, sent by God. They believe that the persona and life of Jesus was an example of faith and ideals that work for salvation. The Christians credit Jesus with being the chosen and predicted 'Messiah', mentioned in the Old Testament. However, on the other hand, the Jews believe that the Messiah is yet to come. They acknowledge Jesus as a prophet, just like the Muslims do, but not the Messiah. They are still awaiting and preparing for the arrival of the Chosen One.

The Jews believe that God will send a savior to save them and lead them at the approach of the great Judgment Day. This belief is shared by the Muslims too, but the Christians believe that the resurrected Christ will re-appear and identify his 'flock' on Judgment Day. In today's day and time, however, it is essential that everyone realizes the underlining good in all religions and the fact that holy men or prophets have appeared time and again and continue to do so, to set an example for people to live healthy and meaningful lives of control, abstinence and exemplary behavior, befitting mankind.
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The Israelites were the first people to worship only one God.They became known as the Jews.Jews believe that Jesus was ONLY a prophet. Christians believe that Jesus was the SON of God and that he will eventually rule over heaven.
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Zoroastrianism was the first monotheistic religion, pre-dating and strongly believed to be the main influence on judaism
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Jews just don't believe that Jesus is the messiah and they are still waiting for him even though they acknowledge him as a good teacher thats the biggest difference! I totally agree with smarty-pants Saadia!

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