Is Goodwin A Jewish Name?


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No,it is from English,it means good Friend.
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The name Goodwin is a name for a male in English that is derived from the first name Godwin that means 'a friend of God', obtained from Old English God merged with the word 'wine' meaning friend.

A famous namesake would be Albert Goodwin, who played an important role in Canadian labour history.

He had been coal miner for the major part of his life. The violent coal strike that took place on Vancouver Island in the year 1912-1913 gave his thinking a more radical approach. As a result of this went back and forth from mining and union jobs. In the year 1917, he was made Vice-President of the British Columbia Federation of Labour. He ran for a place in the Socialist Party of Canada in the year 1916 but was unsuccessful in his attempt.
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President John F Kennedy's speech writer was Richard Goodwin and he is clearly Jewish!

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The name Goodwin is often used as a boy's name. It originated from English. The meaning of the name is "good friend".

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