How To Act Like A Werewolf?


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Act protective of your friends and family. If your asked 4 a sleepover narrow your eyes and ask, "is  it on  a full moon?" They might laugh and if they say yes, say errrr, I'm busy that night sorry!! When you argue with someone flex your shoulders and scowl and, if you feel daring, let a snarl slip through your teeth!
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If you want to act like a werewolf, you like to run a lot and you like to go out at night and act odd around people you hate
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It depends on what you are willing to do to become a werewolf, as there is a ton of lore on how to turn into a werewolf, such as: You are born with it, drink the water from a wolf's paw print, sleep with a wolf pelt etc... If you wish for more info, please comment me.
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How to act like a werewolf, hmmm . . . . . . . . I am a vampire so this should not be this hard. Ok, what I would do if I were human and wanted to act like a werewolf I would simply enjoy running, small and secure spaces, wind in your face, and try not to be around anyone at night.
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Why are you steryoyping werewolves we are (mostly) normal in our human form and just because you're a vampire doesn't mean you know anything about werewolves.
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False! Being bitten is not a way... It is a complicated task... I was lucky to be born this way...

Here is the simplest way...

1. Find a were-wolf
2. Find out if they were turned, or born-way
3. If they are blood werewolves, then you are in luck.
4. Find the pack leader, or, ask the werewolf if they are willing to turn you.
5. Many will take it as a joke... But some will say yes...
6. Do whatever they say...
7. Get ready for a horrible time... Trust me...
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Find a werewolf, let it bite you, and you will become one. Now, finding the werewolf is the hard part...
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You cannot be turned into a werewolf, you have to be born a werewolf. Hate to break it to you. Anyway, being a werewolf is very difficult, you have to protect humans and control yourself when you get angry, or else you will hurt someone.
I wouldn't wish wolfism on anyone, it's not a lifestyle choice, it's for a life time. You're much better off as a human and you can't be changed now anyway, you have to have wolfism in your blood.
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i took a test when i was 7 to see if i was a werewolf or not and it said i was 84% werewolf.... I took it again today and it said im 92% werewolf.

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Just found out my parents are werewolves and so is my whole family! But the funny thing is we only turn once we are 13 (figure that out?)
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You pretend that you are werewolf and a girl or boy is going to think that you a werewolf!!!!! Or vampire
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You must be bit by  one or brn one. I am a werewolf I was born one. Good luck on being one of us comment me
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I can't BELIEVE you're all letting this info get out into the open! ...But for the question, I've heard most of the methods don't work. Not that I've tried them, but still...
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Well you must get bitten by one and live which is highly unlikely, but non the less possible.
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There isn't really an easy way unless you get born as one if you don't then your shit out of luck because finding one to turn you is hard as hell.
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That last answer was from a nine year old or something wasn't it?dude if you're a vampire you would b posting it on the're just another wannabe
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All you need to do is focus on your instincts. Sniff the air, notice the world, STOP TRYING TO ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF F***ING LOSERS!

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