How To Tell If You Are A Werewolf?


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I think a sure-fire way of making sure you're a werewolf is this: When you're out at night, the night seems too inviting to ignore, and you want to run until you are blue in the face. Another way I think a good sign (but not necessarily a guaranteed one) is that you know where the moon is, even if you can't see it, and it doesn't need to be a full moon. I have my own personal way of what werewolves can do in their human form, such as catch someone's scent, then a few days, weeks, months later, you remember everything that you know about them, even if it's a stranger, and hear things normal people can't such as someone whispering across the room, and they can hear every word, clear as a bell. I also think that there are different varieties of werewolf, such as the breed that goes by the stereotypical way of, when they turn they remember nothing about it, the other could be when they turn, they are awake when they turn but they have no control over their own body. The final variant is the rarest of all, the one where you can control the beast and you can control your body (with enough will power) and be able to change at will.
I hope I helped, young 'wolf.
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I need help please...
when ever someone makes me angry I transform in to a werewolf right in front of them then try to kill them someone please tell me how to control this.
Thankyou toby
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Katy Johnson
Katy Johnson commented
I'm the daughter of the alpha, we have betas, deltas, and clever omegas that will help us fight
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Aw thats cute and catchy. You are probably still wet behind the ears.
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You know nothing for being a supposed alpha's daughter from the looks of it and I am alpha.
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Very hard to tell if you are a werewolf you either born into it or you got bitten by one one way to tell if you are one is to see if you have the mark of the beast somewhere on you and if you don't have it then I guess your not a wolf after all
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I like to bite myself to calm nerves
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You ever fantasies about ripping someone apart? But enjoy the chase More than the kill?
Katy Johnson
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Have you ever felt like you did something last night?
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If there is a full moon out tonight..and you are growing hair in places you never knew.
If you like to howl at the moon from time to time
If you want to crawl on all fours and chase rabbits in the woods
If you like someone who loves a vampire
If you wake up the next day with tattered clothes and empty silver bullet shells around you

Then you are a werewolf
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I think I am a werewolf. I have these symptoms:

I crave meat
I am attracted to the moon
I howl when I'm happy or at the moon
I whimper when I'm upset
I growl at strangers or when I'm angry
I run around like a wolf
I can make incredibly accurate animal noises
My senses increased (especially sense of smell)
The night seems welcoming to me
I stay up late
I hate bright light
I can somewhat understand my pets (dog and cat)
I have long curved fingernails
I have eyebrows that meet at the bridge of my nose
I dream of becoming a werewolf and running low in the forest
I hear wolf like howls every full moon, like my wolf part is calling me outside
I have increasing violence and aggression
my favorite game and best game is play fight.
I end up curled at the end of my bed each night with scratches on my arm
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i think i might be a werewolf but i dont know......i have anger issues(not bad ones but middle) i love running and going outside when dark. i feel tired when in daytime but at night i am hyper as ever....i growl when i feel threaten or angry and wimper when im said i also love the moon and my favourite animal is a good at hearing but i couldnt say my eye sight as good cause i wear glasses(uhhh i hate glasses) and i keep getting a banging in my head that hurts a bit anyone know if i am or not?? :)
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Well I'm turning 16 on the 24 of march and I just started having crazy dreams about werewolf and I wake still thinking that my hair gets like as long as girls in like 2months I always growl and love to walk out at night and love the woods am I a werewolf and my nails get really long and round. My eyes always change colors with my mood and people get scared when I look at them a certain way am I a werewolf please answer and I love the taste of meat but I'm a good person and on a full moon around 11:30 I pass out
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toby doyle
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Im not sure what to say but for your safty and your familys safty every full moon say im going round my mates and then go to a woods wait for an hour or to if nothing happens just sleep there over night and keep doing this just incase you do change
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I was just listening to a teaching. I learned that everything is a dream. Just like when you are sleeping and having dreams, you don't know where you are. Similarly, in life when you are living, it is a dream and when you die, you don't know where you were or who you were.
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You sound like I did before I found what I am. It is very possible. Er... About the vampire thing, though, it could be just a reaction to a super natural being in your territory. I get the same feeling when ever I find a new blood around my house.
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Well I pass out during the full moon for 10-20 min.
My friends and family constantly tell me I look about ready to kill.
My eyes are grey, I love meats especially.
I tend to sniff the air for scents.
I can hear conversations during a full moon up to 20 yards.
And I love being out on a full moon and marking how long it lasts and when the next one is going to be.
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well i have sharp teeth lining my mouth... dog-like actually, and I can't really eat veggies without some indigestion. I have a pretty big history of sleepwalking and even talking, like the time I went to a summer camp, fell to sleep, and when I woke up I was a bit dirty because apparently I got up with a few others and left.. but I don't remember anything about it.

And I feel more nocturnal. And for some reason I instinctively claw people if they trigger my reflexes... Heheheh its kinda creepy because I also did some werewolf thing in a bet... 

Oh lawdy, maybe this also explains while I get along with even some of my neighbors most aggressive dogs easily! I'm very very confused...

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Ever since I can remember I have always had trouble sleeping at night especially when a full moon approaches. Even though I never have been bitten by anything in my life. Sometimes when there is a full moon I start to have pain around my fingers legs finger nails face and teeth. After that happens I sometimes have sesames of being outside.
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Wolves need to spell correctly too, thats a must, sorry you dont pass the test. When it rains i have bad pain in my fingers, face, teeth, hands, nails, legs, back, neck. Its called arthritis!
Angelica Green
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Sesame seeds?
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i know about half off this stuff is fake no offence but i  dont think any of this helps i want to know something real !

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I think those people (young people or adolescents?) who think they are a werewolf are seriously disturbed.  My concern is that you will lean on this excuse to behave inappropriately or cave in to your immature needs or underlying anger, etc, whatever, and believe it is due to being werewolf instead of maturing and being held accountable for your actions and thoughts.

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I know I am not a werewolf but I do know some things about them (more of this info is about wolves though sorry). First you may be compelled not to chew, this is because wolves do not have cheeks. Second there are things that might help you, try to take wolf naps; this is where you sleep for 10-15 minutes (in the day not at night) then wake up and turn around three times to make sure nothing will hurt you (also it helps your body to be more alert when you are just waking up). If you do not already do this it is best to use an alarm clock until you get used to it. Sorry if any of this angers you.
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Why would this anger anyone? Dont chew? Cause wolves have no cheeks, and tada that makes u a wolf, hmmm my gb doesnt chew her food, she's one and just swallows it instead, werewolf? Uhm no
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You never know when you are, really, honestly, there is no such thing other than a person who has the hair ALL over their body, and that is a condition they are born with. Hope this helps.
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Bryson Lupine
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You don't know what we are talking about...we are talking about people who are part wolf not people who live in the circus because of some extra hair
Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
Well that was mean, I do know what I was talking about, and he didn't work for a circus thank you very much, there is no such thing as someone who is part wolf. They might feel a kinship with the animal, but, there is no way it could happen, it would be widely known and documented.
Angelica Green
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I think the people who think they are werewolves are children that took too much cough medicine
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I'm sorry, but you are not a werewolf. I have vivid dreams that I am flying and that I have telekinesis (awesomest superpower) but alas, I have to butter my toast on my own and I don't have wings. Sometimes I have deja vu, but that doesn't mean I can see into the future. I've stood next to my friend, walked with her, and she only noticed me when, after 5 minutes, I said something, but that doesn't make me able to turn invisible.
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You are watching too much tv if you ask me . No you are not a were wolf. They do not exist in the real world nor do vampires . Try praying maybe God will set you on the right path.

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