What Are The Similarities Between Christian Basilica And Mosque Interior Space?


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In the architecture of the mosque a lot of elements were adopted from Christian basilica church. For example in the Mosque at Cordoba, the interior of the mosque seems to be a vast tangle of columns supporting Roman arches. Even though a lot was adopted from Roman culture in the building of the mosques they are very different on the inside. In contrast to usual Christian churches, there are no chairs in the mosques, gathering area is covered in rugs;except fro the steps leading up to a pulpit. There is a fountain so that the people may ritually cleanse their hands, feet, and mouth before prayer. In Christian churches this is not done. The decorative art is also very different. In Christian basilica church it is common to see the images of the Holy, even of the God. In mosques images are absent, it is usually abstract except sometimes thy would depict images of plants and flowers. Usual images of mosques are nonhuman, and they are done in mosaics in contrast to Christian images done in  paint.

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