What Is The Similarities Between A Mosque And A Church?


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There are some similarities which a Mosque and a Church have and some of these are

- both are a place of worship in specifically God (Allah in arabic)
- both are generally very tall with points reaching towards the heavens
- both are very majestic and beautiful
- both generally have a dome like shape on the inside except its not visible ona church from the out side
- Both are a symbol of Grace and Power which Both religions have
- Both Mosques and Churches have a main Church/Mosque that are said to be the first of each ..... For Islam that would be tha Masjid AL Haram located in Mecca in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for Christianity that would be the Vatican CathedrL located in Rome , Italy
- Both generally depict past religious events more so on Cathedrals than the Mosques.

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