How Was The Earth Created From A Christian's Point Of View And A Non-Christian's Point Of View?


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I know it was created by god he was the only one here before it was made and he is going to be here for forever! He created it out of nothing! Because before he created it there was not anything! So therefor god created everything and he allowed us to make stuff out of what he made!

I am 12 and I love jesus!
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You are only 12? Cool answer. The question is childish, but you gave a mature answer. You know, the question "how was the earth created" is biased giving room for the Big Bang, Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution and what not. The question invites only the idea of the earth being form from pre-existing celestial bodies. I would rather ask, "How the universe and humankind came into being".
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I personally am a Christian. I see the earth created as this. In God's exact words... "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." It was all darkness, and on the first day, God made the light and called it day, and the darkness night. God then divided the waters from the waters by a firmament, or sky, which he called Heaven, and that was the second day. On the third day, God made dry land appear, which he called Earth. He also gathered the waters and called them Seas. God then told the earth to "bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth:"Genesis 1:11 On the fourth day, God made the stars, seasons, days, years, the sun and the moon. On the fifth day, God created water creatures, and fowl, or birds, of the air. On the sixth day, God made every beast, and thing that creeped upon the earth. Then God made man in his own image and gave the man dominion, or rule, over the earth and all the animals of the earth. That is the way that I believe the earth was created,  the way I just stated it. I got all that information from the Bible. Now, scientists believe that the earth was created millions of years ago. Some other people believe it too, and some believe in evolution. Evolution is where we supposedly evolved, or transformed, into human beings from other beings such as primates. Thinking in the mind of a scientist, we evolved from a primate that gradually grew smarter as time went on, eventually becoming the civilized being that we call humans. There are other theories, but evolution is the main theory for a non-Christian's beliefs of how the earth was created. Sorry, I wasn't really staying on the topic of your question... A non-Christian would most likely (Now, this is just my guess...) believe that we evolved from specks near to nothing, or would believe that the earth is just here, and there is no definite answer of how it was made. There are other beliefs, I'm sure. I hope I answered your question.
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Ok. I am an atheist, and have therefore investigated my own beliefs pretty thoroughly.  I believe that the Universe was not created.  According to the laws of physics, neither matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed, so I believe the whole thing to be sort of timeless.  Kind of like (I think) you see God, so in a way, we're in agreement to a degree.  Then came the creation of the Earth.  At some point, the Big Bang, or a similar event occurred.  I don't believe the Universe was always a tiny spec - I believe it became like that and the massive amount of energy from all the matter and antimatter colliding exploded it all again.

So bits of matter went flying off into the infinite reaches of the universe.  Slowly, they drew together due to gravity to form systems, which joined to become solar systems, which in turn joined to become galaxies.

The earth was one of these planets, and by absolute chance, had the right conditions to form carbon based life.  I'll expand a little.

(Raeann95 - this is for you, seeing as you are a little deluded as to the scientific explanation - I'm not saying you're wrong in your beliefs, just incorrect as to the nature of ours, which may or may not be right. I'm not prejudiced or pushy, so don't flame me please)

Someone (I forget who) said that if an infinite number of monkeys sit at an infinite number of typewriters for an undefined period of time, eventually one of them will come up with a script for Hamlet.  It's kind of like that.  When (I believe) the Earth was formed, 4.6 billion years ago, it was inhospitable.  I imagine it is a bit like you see hell.  Incredibly high surface temperatures, magma pouring out of the ground, and volcanoes forming left right and centre.  This went on for quite a while.  When the earth cooled, there were a lot of gases left over, but the most were in the form of water vapor, ammonia, methane, CO2 and Nitrogen (off the top of my head), and these reacted to produce amino acids (relatively complex compounds).  These amino acids then became protein molecules, which grew more and more complex until these molecules could reproduce.  Reproducing proteins grew to form single celled organisms (organisms that have all of their substance jumbled inside one cell - these include bacteria) and eventually became simple multi celled organisms.  This is where my knowledge grows a bit hazy, but if I remember correctly, the primordial seas (highly saline bodies of water that covered the surface of the Earth) had formed significantly before this point and the multi celled organisms evolved into primitive fish.

These fish slowly became amphibians, and crawled out onto the forming land, where (I won't go into Darwinian Evolution right now) they eventually evolved to become dinosaurs.
The dinosaurs were wiped out by an unknown natural phenomenon (an asteroid is the main theory I think) and were replaced with a new group of animals: Mammals.  Early primates evolved into modern apes, and another branch evolved into homo sapiens (humans).

That is a pretty simple explanation, but you won't find it hard to find info on Darwinian Evolution (don't bother looking up Lemarcian Evolution - as far as I can tell, no-one thinks Lemarc had it right) and most other topics are easily researched.  I hope this answered your question.
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What scientists say about what happened when Earth was created is all a lie.As for me I believe that God created the Earth and I may not have enough EVIDENCE, but for sure I have FAITH and I BELIEVE God created the universe with HIS own hands.The Lord says, "Heaven is my throne, and Earth is my footstool ."

Those who don't believe in Creation say that a Big Bang occurred but in my opinion Creation actually happened.
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By bits of I don't know what it was but it was created by flying bits bumping into each other and then bacterias came and created humans

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