Is It True That Robinson's Mall Has A Creature That Is Half-Snake And Half-Human?


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The rumor that Robinson's Mall Galleria in Quezon City, Philippines is inhabited by a creature that is half-human half-snake actually originated in the mid '90s.

Although there's no conclusive evidence either way, there are certainly some interesting stories that support the myth.

The half-human half-snake in Robinson's Mall Based on what I've heard about this fearsome creature, there are three possible explanations for its existence:

  • Although the creature's identity remains a mystery, rumor has it that the human serpent is actually the twin brother of Robinson Mall's heiress Robina Gokongwei.
If you believe some accounts on the internet, her twin brother has the body of a snake from the waist down (much like a mermaid) and spends his time slithering between the basement rooms of the mall.

  • Another theory is that Robina Gokongwei did actually have a twin brother, and that he was born physically deformed. Rather than exposing him to the public, she decided to keep him hidden away from the world in the basement of her flagship mall.
In this context, the idea of the 'snake man' may have simply been an exaggeration of her twin suffering from a disease like Harlequin-type ichthyosis.
  • The final possibility is that the rumor was started up by the Robinson's Mall directors, as a way of promoting the mall and getting some free publicity. In my opinion, this is the most likely of the three explanations.
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Yes, it is. Robinsons mall has many dressing rooms, right? One of those has a hidden door.

If the half-human and half-snake is hungry, they secretly open the secret door in a dressing room and grab the person to eat.
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It is a legend.
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Yes it's true.
If you have been to Robinson's, in the Pedro Gil wing, ground floor, if you look at the tiles it forms an eye of the snake!

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