What Does The 'Robinson Twin Snake' Look Like?


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Allegedly, the "Robinson Twin Snake" is half-snake and half-boy. It is meant to be the twin of Robina Gokongwei-pe - the eldest child of John Gokongwei Jr, founder of the company JG Summit Holdings Inc.

The Robinson twin snake rumour
  • According to the urban myth, the Gokongwei family built the Robinsons mall in Manila as an area where their son (the twin snake) could roam freely.
  • As the legend goes, the snake somehow spies on women whilst they're in the mall's changing-rooms.
  • Some versions of the myth say that the snake does this via mirrors, whilst others say that there are cameras hidden within the stores in the mall.
  • Allegedly, the snake has installed trap doors on the floors of the changing rooms in the mall. When it's hungry, it simply presses a button - and the unsuspecting woman plunges through the door down into the basement - where the half-snake, half-boy lives.
  • The rumour also suggests that the monster preys on little children.
This urban myth was a widespread and popular rumour in the Philippines during the 1990s.
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You can't see it, it lives near the Amazon.
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Sorry to disappoint you but the Robinson's snake is just an urban myth. It was a story that developed in the Phillippines in the 1990s, originating in a department store. The story kept going in the media for quite a long time, but no snake was ever found.

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