How Do I Break Up A Relationship Using The Voodoo, Wiccan Magic, Back Magic?


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Black Magic and Voodoo are nothing to "play" with. Using any kind of spell, ritual or magick for a negative purpose (even if it isn't negative to YOU, it's negative to THEM) will bring around that negativity 10 fold onto yourself.

There are spells, rituals and magick that you can try to make him want to be with you, although that tends to have a negative effect as well. Be careful, and do your research!
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Don't evern dare go there, it will do more harm than good! Just move on and you can hurt him the most by leaving him alone and finding the person of your dreams, but you must first work on yourself by getting over him and moving on. You'll be glad you did.
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Good comment by Slayer.
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I thought it was supposed to be threefold..

Mind you, one thing I never got was the bad stuff always comes back but you never get warned about the good stuff coming back threefold on you.

Personally, I think that little 'rule' was invented to keep neophytes in check and out of any trouble until they actually got a clue.
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Better be careful! Playing with such things often bring them back to you in worse ways then how you feel now! Instead you should count your blessings for getting rid of a looser that didn't appreciate you! Now you are free and easy to find someone who appreciates you for you!
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I knew a wiccan woman once. She was a wonderful person and friend. She once told me that she had practiced wiccan magic on a man who was also her childs father to get him to want to be with her. She buried something of his body, a lock of his hair, said a prayer I'm sure,and then had to forget about it for it to take effect. When she did, he came back. But theres always a downside to the things that you gain through magic. Hers was that he was abusive, but she believed that to be the price she would have to pay to be with the love of her life. Just be careful what you wish for!
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Boy, do I know how you feel.  I don't know about voodoo, etc., but if anyone has an idea, I think plenty of us would be happy to know.  Wow, I'm so sorry for you, but I'm sure I know how you're feeling.  Good luck to all with broken hearts!

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