How Can I Find What Is A Pentacle And Its Use In Magical Aspects?


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A pentacle is a five-pointed star with five straight lines inside a circle. The upright Pentacle is considered as the religious symbol of many Wiccan communities [while some others take the " )O( " Maiden Mother Crone symbol]. It is used in Witchcraft and Magick. There is a house of pentacles in the tarot deck. The five straight lines represent the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. The Circle represents the construction and deconstruction between those elements that forms everything on this world. Of the circle, the clockwise direction means the construction (or invocation) and the anticlockwise means the deconstruction (or banishing).

A pentacle can be drawn on a paper or on ground, or made with a metal. A metal pentacle pendent is worn by many pagan, neo-pagan practitioners. Such an amulet can be used to accumulate excess psychic energy to be used when necessary, and charged to protect from evil forces, or most of the time to show off.

I have made a pentacle pendent with copper and tin-led and engraved runes for five elements on it and wear inside the cloths. You can cut the shape out of copper foil and sold tin-led solder on both sides to make a one. Tin-led is a good medium to accumulate energy
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A PENTAGRAM is a five pointed star. A PENTACLE is a pendant, trivet, or some ritualistic object/ talisman/amulet with a pentagram on it. That is to say, not all pentagrams are pentacles, but every pentacle has a pentagram. It is used widely in Wicca/witchcraft, and a lot of Wiccans wear a pentacle as part of the faith. I like to keep mine inconspicuously around my neck under my collar, since I live in south Texas amidst many who are predominantly Catholic or some other type of Christian. The pentagram represents the five elements of fire, earth, air, water, and spirit. Also, some have said it resembles the human body in the goddess position (standing with feet shoulder-width apart and arms stretched out to the sides). Hope this helps! Blessed be!
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Well if you want to know more about the Pentacle you can look it up on the Internet and they have wiccan chat rooms where you can find out all kinds of questions to your answers. All I know is its a star with a circle around it but you have to draw the circle like a clock to make it more useful in Witch craft or Wiccan and it also means Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Spirit.
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A pentacle can be an object or an amulet which is used in magical aura; it is normally prepared by parchment, metal or paper, on which the sign of energy or spirit to be called to mind is drawn. This symbol if worn around the neck is believed to be a protection from evil spirits and other demons.

It is also used while evoking spirits, this symbol is placed within the triangle which avoids the spirit from harming the executor. A common pentacle is known as the "Pentacle of Solomon" or "the Pentangle of Solomon". You will find many different types of pentacle in the Grimoires of the Solomonic magic; these symbols are also used in some of the Neopagan magic like Wicca.

Pentacles, despite of the sound it has no connotation of 5 in the ancient supernatural texts. The incorporated star figure was more of the hexagram than pentagram. These symbols were used to predict the future and have power over the devils and angels.

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