Does Being Happy Make Us Good And Being Good Make Us Happy?


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Not necessarily. Those who consider themselves "happy" are not always the best of people. Same is true of the other.. Being "good" doesn't necessarily yield happiness.
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Definitely. Sometimes I want to be bad. I even go out with the intention; but, it never works out. I wake up the next morning even HAPPIER that I was good. Hehehehhe
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Ever heard of a angel called lucifer a malevolent being who desires nothing but to steal kill and destroy.this is what makes him happy.does this also make him good i don't think so. I guess what i am saying is what a person derives happiness from is not always for the good of them self or others.what's that word/saying deriving happiness/pleasure from the grief of others. Or as the saying goes someone has to lose/the agony of defeat. So were you happy when your team did good in the olympics while others dreams were crushed for another four years.: ).that would be the sadistic/competitive side of you coming out wouldn't it. Hahahaha like watching a car crash happen on nascar. You don't want to admit it's in you.funny how happiness/goodness does not make  a  person a good person in all cases. What's that saying appearances can be deceiving.
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Being happy comes from within, and if being good make you happy, then that's where it comes from. Many people don't realize that being happy does not have to have anything to do any external source. I can have bad thinks happen during the day, but still be happy, because I made a pledge a long time ago to be happy every single day for the rest of my life.

I don't like being mad or sad or stressed, so I limit those feelings to a few minutes, when they come up, and then go back to being happy again.
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That Can Swing Both Ways. Sociopaths Enjoy Them  Selves Laughing And Grinning As They Dump Dying People Off Of Bridges.. Happy Is A Very Fine Line Thing There Sir. I Am Happy Writing In My Journal.. That Doesn't Hurt Any One. My Ex Friends Were  Happy When They Drive Drunk On The Freeway.. It's Better To Be Happy Than Sad . If You Are Too Sad You Get Despondent And Want To Do Yourself In.... It's Really A Riddle Wrapped In A Puzzle.. People Take All Kinds Of Pills To Become Less Depressed.. But The Ads On TV Says Side Affects Are Thoughts Of Suicide.. It's Got To Be A " Good Happy"?I Don't Drink Cuss Or Smoke.. That Makes Me " Good "? But People Tend To Leave Me Out Of Parties Because I Don't Drink Or Smoke.. But I Feel Good Because I Am Healthier And Disgusted Because People Consider Me A Freak Because I Don't Smoke Or Drink Alcohol. See How Much Of A "Puzzle" This Is? I Don't Need Those Things To Be Happy.. That's A Good Question... Are You Truly Happy Now And Why?
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Being good usually makes me somewhat happy. I don't know about happiness bringing good... I think a lot of serial killers may feel happy when they are doing their thing.
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The first part of your question depends upon the situation..the second half of your question is always right.
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I don't think being good makes us happy and being happy does not make us good.  Sometimes, it's the opposite.  Keithold, you have great questions and always make me think.
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I agree that Keithold has good questions; they keep popping up on my email and I just think to myself, Wow, that person can really come up with questions I've never thought about that have varying, great answers. I'm amazed.
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Thanks for the share. If your well balanced, have a sense of humor, can find the silver linings, probably. But I have met many people who are only happy when causing turmoil, or making others miserable., and many others who are saintly and receive more than thier fair share unhappiness. I think it all has to do with being right with life.
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Well, sometimes doing bad things can make us pleased inside. Like getting revenge on somebody you dislike.
But being good always emitts a good feeling; you're happier than if you didn't help somebody out. Knowing this, even if somebody angrily goes out of their way to help you and storms away, you know they aren't mad deep down. They know they've just helped you out, and they feel better.
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I LIKE being happy and i hope i make others happy.Being good,surely that's how we should be all the time
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No, being happy makes me worry that maybe I'm going a little heavy on my meds, but when I am happy I become downright decadent.  Being good depresses me and tells me I need more meds.
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Being good doesn't always mean your having a good time. Lol
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But you should live your life being happy; just because you're in a good mood doesn't mean you need to take more medicine or that you've taken too much. How does being good depress you? 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
of the population is happy when they do something good, and that missing number must be YOU.
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OK who gave me a thumbs down? Show your face you coward, the condemned have the right to face their accuser.
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Being good or doing  good gives a person the feeling that his value as a human being has increased somewhat.   For most of us being bad causes the conscience to kick in and while we may enjoy the feeling of "getting away with something" our conscience does not let that enjoyable feeling last indefinitely.  Sooner or later for most of us regret kicks us in the behind.  But, as been stated previously, just because you are happy does not make you good.  Consider Hitler who was happy to receive the daily count of those humans who were exterminated by his command.  I am sure you would agree, he was far from good!

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