I Am Capricorn, What's My Lucky Stone?


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Capricorn's lucky stones are Topaz and Garnet. Capricorns also have a life stone, which is Blue Saphire.

Capricorn's lucky gemstone It has been alleged that both the stones of Topaz and Garnet have immense powers, available to the Capricorn.

  • The "stone of true love".
  • It is said to bring the wearer of topaz jewelry happiness, longevity, good luck and intelligence.
  • The stone can apparently enable communication from other realms in the universe.
  • It can also focus the mind, increase wisdom, prevent mental illness and guard against sudden death.

  • The "stone of health and love"
  • Garnet is said to be able to repel negativity, give courage and confidence, and prevent depression.
  • It can increase psychic sensitivity and sexual energy.
  • When the stone is placed underneath a pillow during the night it can apparently ward of evil spirits and prevent nightmares.
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Garnet is your lucky stone.

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