Why Are Hindus Not Allowed To Eat Beef On A Tuesday?


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Actually you r mixing two different believes.Hindus r not allowed to eat beef at all and even they don't want to eat it because cow in India is considered as a Goddess n we respect her by giving her food.
The different thing is that Hindus r not allowed to eat any non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays as this day is considered as a day of God Hanuman n we show curtsy to him by avoiding non-veg n alcohol.
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Hindu's arent supposed to eat MEAT that includes beef on tuesdays and fridays.. Some people include thursdays too but its mainly those two days.
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Hindus never allowed to take beef. On Tues day many Hindus do not take any meat or non-veg. To observe the day of Lord Hanuman. Likely, other people do the same on Thursday, Friday  to observe the day of different God of their worship.
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Hindus not eating meat is called ahimsa. Check out this site► www.experiencefestival.com
Hope that helps.
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Nellydean what were you fed upon when you were still a child ?...If it was cow milk...then the cow has helped you to grow up and become stronger each day...If you believe it's just a cow then you have no heart...It is of good nature to refrain from harming an animal that does so much for all the children of the world and this is why Hindus and others who understand the value behind not eating cows not just on Tuesdays but every remaining days of their lives since the day they were first fed on cows' milk.
It is unfortunate that many heartless and mindless people forget who provided them with food when they were still babies or were not taught decency by generations of mindless parents in many part of the so called civilized world. You can't just take and not give anything back in this world. How do you thank good deeds ? Answer with good deeds just as well !
Furthermore, cows manure are ecological as fertilizers to be used in fields instead of using chemicals which destroy the earth in the long run and which is harmful in the food we a made to eat nowadays. Cows are better than tractors in the sense that they do not destroy other animals in the fields by crushing them as well as the the land they wall upon, which subsequently make the soil to be less oxygenated. Cheap Gas can also be made out of cow dungs instead of waging war for gas in the world and can be produced in abundance locally in every country of the world (not just in some part of the middle-east) at individual or industrial level.
All in all there is everything to be thankful to cows and therefore why harm such a useful animal at all ? At its death the skin can then be recovered for the manufacturing of many objects of daily use...Once the cow has been allowed to complete its lifespan naturally, living a life of service to many generations of babies, farmers and householders then only after death can we ethically use the skin to manufacture other petty objects...not before ! But unfortunately Humans have become insensitive and greedy ! So no beef eating has a meaning to those who understand life as it ought to be ! Ultimately one should understand that the beautiful creatures that G-d created should not be made to suffer for they have a usefulness beyond that of a steak menu ! In times of plenty eating another sentient being should be kept at a minimum if at all ! Even Halal or kosher rites of killing cows are unethical for cows are made to suffer by letting the blood drain out while remaining alive for some time as muslims and Jews are forbidden to eat red blood at all ! But this is an impossible task, a devious human invention to eat meat by circumventing G-d's commandment not to eat blood ! How can one not eat blood when one is a meat eater ? How can one not harm G-d's creature while cows are made to suffer so much when they are butchered ? All of this is sinful and irrational and perpetrated by people of poor understanding! Hence if one respects the cow, provider of food to Human babies, by not eating it, gradually one develops understanding that all animals are G-d's creature and should not be made to suffer abusively when there are alternatives such as fruits, grains, and plants etc to feed the whole world without causing much suffering to beautiful animals. Stop the beef eating and become a better human being Nellydean !
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There is no restriction of not having beef of tuesday. It depends on the people to have it or not. Generally who belive hanuman and follow him by going to temple or by reading hanuman chalisa on Tuesday wont generally eat beef.

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do Hindus will firmly believe in Gods and DemiGods cow is the adobe of all DemiGods and most important Gods called Trimurti(three great Lord) involved in Creation Sustenation and Dissolution. So they are not allowed as non-vegetarians

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What is the link between Lord Hanuman and meat? Was Lord Hanuman Vegetarian?...All I know he is one who never married and gave in to wordly desires. However, I do not know of any reference that link him with vegetarians.

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