Do Hindus Eat Halal Meat?


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Some Hindus eat meat but that seems strange to me being Krishna Conscious myself which is strictly vegetarian and often aligned to Hinduism.In India there are a lot of vegetarian Hindus.You could call it Halal when blessed and prepared in a certain way as would be advised but no doubt I've seen a fair few who like to known as Hindus and Muslims frequenting Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds but Halal is a Muslim term.
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Hindus are forbidden to consume 'kutha' or 'zubah' meat, which is
basically 'halal' meat. To put it crudely, it is 'haram' for us. Though I
am a vegetarian by choice, I believe that the next best thing to
veganism is eating the meat of an animal which has been ethically

Hindus believe in the 'jhatka' method of slaughter, by which the animal
is killed in one stroke. In 'halal', however, the animal's throat is
sliced, and it suffers immense pain and anguish as it bleeds slowly and
agonizingly to death. Though the Muslims justify this atrocious killing
behind the facade or 'pardah' of religion, the maulavi's prayers can
never absolve him of the sin committed.

These animals are God's creatures. We shouldn't be using, abusing and
murdering them in the first place. If we must resort to killing them, in
order to continue the so-called 'food-chain', we must alleviate and
lessen their misery and pain as much as we can.

This is what Hinduism preaches. Through 'jhatka', the animal is dead
before it realizes it. 'Halal', however, requires the animal to suffer
greatly, and karma soon ensures that the pain we inflict on the animal,
is experienced by us, in this life or the next, if we are to borrow from
Buddhist philosophy. In other words, the knife is redirected to our

As Schopenhauer has observed, Brahmanism is closer to perfection than other religions which disregard animal rights.

Let's face it. Muslims are fanatical, since Islam indoctrinates them
from their infancy, to blindly follow senseless rituals, dogmas and
practices. Neither does the religion respect the rights of animals and
other living creatures, but also deprives those of women, who it
degrades and commodifies.

Though the 'jhatka' method of slaughter originated as a means of
resisting Mughal rule in Hindustan (note that I have substituted the
word 'India'), 'jhatka' is now our way of life. As Gandhi once
insightfully remarked, the greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals re treated. Civilized
nations abroad are practicing CAK (controlled-atmosphere-killing) and
the stunning of animals, to reduce their suffering during slaughter.
Must we, then, sink to the abyss of barbarism and backwardness?

The Muslims eat 'halal' meat since they erroneously believe it to be
healthy, since the animals' blood drains out. Similar is the case with
Jews and 'kosher', where cows are hung on pulleys and mechanically
slaughtered till the floors are carmine stained. These two religions are
orthodox and irrational, allied to bigotry, invested in ignorance and
hostile to free inquiry.

Hinduism, on the other hand, is not hard and fast, in that it gives us
freedom to explore, and yet circumscribes us within the boundaries of
prescribed moral norms and ethical codes.

Can we afford to exploit this freedom, flout these norms, and denigrate
our culture, which has always placed on its pedestal values like peace
and non-violence?

Big eateries in OUR country, are supplying 'halal' food so as not to
lose out on their Muslim customers. Why? Because Muslims cannot eat
'jhatka' meat. But this situation is forcing us Hindus to consume
'halal' meat, without the realizing the suffering that has gone into
producing the mutton kabab lying on our plate. Should we resign so
easily, and let the Muslims in OUR country, force us, the majority, to
commit endless sins, and account for them later? Aren't WE supposed to
be making the decisions around here, instead of being pushed around?
Isn't terrorism, overpopulation and the seizure of our holy site, our
Lord's birthplace, enough?

For Muslims, 'halal' meat may be sinfully delicious, but for us Hindus, 'halal' meat is sinful. Period.

What we eat, must appeal to our taste buds as well as our conscience. To
put it in a nutshell, we Hindus must join together, to ban and boycott
evil Muslim practices like 'halal' slaughter, to retain the ethical
purity and moral uprightness of OUR country.
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Great post , very informative..thanks
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It is beyond belief how these hindus are so high and morally superior to Muslims. Exactly how many millions of girl fortunes have been killed. Of course the hindus are so pure they have a brotherhood ( oh sorry I forgot the caste system). You have female gods so respect women ( oops sorry you have record numbers of rape and the men get away with it).

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