What Sort Of Food Are Hindus Allowed To Eat?


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Hindus are allowed to eat strawberrys and all sorts of fruit.
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Over the last fifty years people have started taking interest in the religions of the eastern world. The religion of the Hindus is mainly based on the Vedas. These books hold up most importance to them, the current arrangement of the Vedas is credited to sage Vyasa.

The Vedas teach the people about one supreme god. The distribution of Hindus into classes or castes, with fixed occupation has been there from earlier days. The Hindus are divided into various castes like the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishsya and Shudras. This system of caste system is also the bases of the class system

The lowest class is known as the Pariahs; this class is given with utmost severity and is given lowest services. The Hindus have a strict living and eating pattern to, the higher three classes are restricted from eating any sort of meat, the fourth class is allowed to eat meat accept for that of beef and the lowest class can eat every kind of food without much restrictions.

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