What Are The 5 Steps Of Baptism?


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You ask the lord to forgive you and then you get baptized in Jesus' name.
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Five, there are not five steps for this. There is only One!   You accept Jesus as your personal Savior, by admitting you sin-do things that displease God,believe Jesus died on the cross to save you from your sin, that he was buried and rose again,confess your sin to him-tell he what it was that you did wrong,and pray-talk to him and ask him to come into your heart and save you from your sin.
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Baptism of Jesus is the sacrament of the pro-set, in order to eliminate the original sin is willing to teach people , the crimes and punish the crime of punishment, including permanent and temporary punishment, making him the sons and daughters of God, the church family member of an ultra-sex lives, have the right to enter the kingdom of heaven, to share God's eternal life, and enjoy the church family rights. The effect of baptism can be seen how strong the one hand, wash away the people's sin, dirt and purify human spirit, endowed with the human side of super sex life, so sons and daughters of God and the Church, sanctify human spirit.

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