What Is A Paradigm Shift And How Is This Phenomenon Important?


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A Paradigm shift is when a person has a epitome that is so profound that it forever changes the way a person percieves and reacts to a certain set of circumstances or more importantly a certain belief system. A good example would be Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. While she was raised as a Jew she saw that her son was the Messiah, as a result she converted to Christianity when her son showed her that it was important to do so. That was a major shift in her belief system!
Why is it important? 
Paradigm shifts are critical for humans for a multitude of reasons!!! What we see determines what we feel, what we feel determines what we DO!!! You can easily see how important this would be for a man that was abused as a child and continued that cycle with his children. If he can at some point experience something that is a catalyst for a paradigm shift, one that helps him to see the damage he is inflicting on his children and then he modifys his behavior through that paradigm shift, he can and will end the cycle of abuse. His children will be the beneficiaries of his paradigm shift from a power ethic to a reason/love ethic. Paradigm shift's are truly the path that humans can and do improve. Truly without it we would all continue down the same path. Harming and being harmed as we go.  

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