What Does God Want?


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God wants us to love him and to follow his commandments.
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God wants nothing he doesn't exist if he did then why are there wars, corruption,violence and general evil in the world if he wants us all to be happy. And if god created all who created god? Please answer that. There is no scientific proof he is real if you believe in him then what chance is there of your sanity none. Sorry religion gets me quite worked up.
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Polermo Jones
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God is Love and he wants to love. You can't love if you have no one to love. He wants and needs us. Man in his nascence believed and trusted in his creator. But it is another thing for the createe to believe and trust in another createe in support of love especially with evil which is hate and mistrust. Love and Hate are both spirits. It is a tricky thing when they give you messages in your thoughts. It is a gift of discernment to judge where your thoughts come from. This is war. URAGD
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He wants us to serve him and follow his words
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True love

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