Are Dreams Conceited?


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No, your dreams are not conceited because most of them are what you wish would happen or what you fear will happen. These are your wishes or dreads and if they are about you from you and for you then they are not conceited.
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No, I don't think so but on the other hand I am a weird individual ! Freud mentioned the word egotists on his research of dreams, Jung found none of that to be relevant. The majority of my dreams have no sense of anything. Strange people and places. Conceit is usually associated
with vanity, and I have reached the age that vanity is no longer an issue.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Lol, love your answer. I tend to be letting go of the vanity of late too. I am not on the market, and so, there is no reason to impress someone that I have no intentions of impressing to begin with. Lol I to dream oddly. Hey, guess great minds dream alike? Lol
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Actually I never thought of it 'til you asked this question!  LOL  I guess all of mine have something to do with me even though the subject of the dream might have something to do with someone I know.  I'm usually there in the dream somewhere maybe hiding in the shadows!  ☺
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Isn't that funny how you are usually the center of your own dreams? Lol
Pamela Krueger
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Sometimes I remember dreams I've had from a long time ago and when I start thinking about the "dream", I wonder if it really was a dream or was it "for real" know something that may have happened...did it really happen or did I dream it??? LOL
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Had not thought about it until you mentioned it,but my dreams do always include me,I'm always a part of it but if I tell someone else of my dream I never say that I was included I just say I dreamed this or that and now that you mentioned it I guess they already know I was in the dream judging from their own dreams....the best to you...♥
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Well it depends if your dreams are about you or someone/something else.
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If the dream is about you or anyone else , the point is that you are always in the dream because you are the one dreaming, you are there directly or indirectly.....♥♥
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Lol well.. All my dreams ( even if I dream of someone else )has me in it lol i dont know why but im guessing that its because YOUR dreaming it lol
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No it's just the way dreams are you always dream about your self. In real life
I get around in an electric wheelchair but in my dreams I am always walking
and the wheelchair doesn't exist.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Awww, I am glad that you can still walk at least there in your memories. I know that in your dreams it isn't due to ego. Hope you are ready for Christmas.

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