What Does The Name Christian Mean?


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It's of Greek origin, but this is the Latin spelling which predominantes in western European languages. It means anointed at its most basic, although most would interpret it as also meaning follower of Christ (believer in Christianity).

The name "Christ" comes from Khristos, which is Greek translation of the Hebrew word for "Messiah", which also means "anointed."

In modern times this is a boy's name. But in medieval centuries it was a girl's name. It may have become masculinised by the success of the religious fiction "Pilgrim's Progress" (1684) by John Bunyan. The hero in there was a lad called Christian. Nowadays instead, girls might be given the corresponding names of Christine, Christianna and Kirsten. A closely related boy's name is Christopher, which means "Bearer of the annointed one" or Christ carrier..

Famous Christians include French fashion designer Christian Dior, actor Christian Slater and Dr. Christiaan Barnard.
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It means follower of god.
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Follower of god
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It means "follower of Christ".  Christ means "the anointed one'.  So Christian means "follower of the anointed one."
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CHRIST, JESUS: Greek Iesous, for Hebrew Jeshua, Jehoshua, Joshua, Jehovah is salvation; Hebrew mashiah, Greek Christos, anointed one.

The name Jesus is used mostly in the narratives of the Gospels, and only rarely does it appear in direct address. It means "Savior", being related linguistically to the Hebrew name Joshua.

Christ, meaning "anointed one," is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Messiah. Only once does the name Immanuel ("God with us") occur with the conception of Jesus.

Acts 11:26 The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.

Others within the city of Antioch, evidently the nonbelievers... Nicknamed the group of Jewish and Gentile believers as "Christians." It means "Christ followers," or "those of the household of Christ". The name was given out of contempt and scorn, in order to ridicule the believers. Later the early Christians accepted it and used it themselves.

Christianity is no mere variant of Judaism. The new name doubtless helped develop the self-consciousness of the early Christians, despite its having first been given in mockery and disrespect.
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It means gods religion is christian and that also means the first church invented was called christ-ian
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