People say Benders, Demons, Dragons, Witches, Wickens, Warlocks/Wizards, Elders, Grims, Vampires, Werewolves, and such are real. I don't argue, but i am one who is very interested in such things and would like to know anything about these creatures?


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I know of the witches/wiccans and I know of the warlock/wizard. I also know of The Elders.....but the title natural goes to the head of a clan or pack. The one I refer to is a vampire group of Elders....The grim and benders I've heard tales about then but I never actually paid attention in class for those ones.
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All I can say is that witches and wiccans are real. I am a wiccan and a lot of wiccans also refer to themselves as witches. I have known a 'vampire', as in someone who drinks blood. I don't have any person experiences with dragons or werewolves. I have never heard of benders, elders, or grims. If warlock/wizard is to refer to a male witch, I have never met a male witch/wiccan who preferred to be called a warlock or wizard.
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Vampires have made up their own myths of allergic to the sun, hate of garlic, death by stake through heart, actually a stake through the heart kills anything. Well vampires actually born are 50% stronger and faster than humans, while those turned are only 5% stronger or faster. They see pretty far, can hear pretty well and can smell blood for miles though many don't pursue. Many neglect but ever since I was 6 I had an obsession with the truth and studied the topics. Werewolves, strong wolf-like creatures with advanced senses, 25% stronger & faster than humans in human form (if born) (triple for when in wolf form). I'm neither of these, I hunt them and try to keep from being tagged (bitten or killed) by them. Werewolves made up their weaknesses, silver doesn't "kill" per say unless made into a sharp weapon and used to hit vital areas, werewolves change when they want; day or night, on full moons they have a strength and speed boost 4x original human form, then if you add the triple bonus for in wolf form, they are very hard to kill along with the vampire. They don't live forever they can die of age and that takes for ever or a slayer (person who hunts them) slayers do make those kinds of friends though they don't kill all only those who ruthlessly kill humans or attack the slayer. This is all I know from 9 years of research and the hunt of 5 years hope it's helpful.
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Depends. What the hell's a "bender", "Elder", "grim", and "wicken" in this context?

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