I Need Some Really Cool Werewolf Names: One For A Long-Haired Blonde Girl, And Others For Werewolves And Vampires. Can You Help?


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If you're looking for cool werewolf and vampire names, I would suggest the following:

Werewolf names for blonde girls

  • Luciana- derives from the Latin word for 'light' - just like the devil's name Lucifer
  • Eva- a pretty name that reminds me of a blonde girl I know!
  • Fangelina - A cross between the words 'fang' and 'Angelina'
  • Willow - A very nocturnal name
  • Katrina - The name of the blonde girl in Sleepy Hollow
  • Nightshade - Taken from the name of the poisonous plant, 'deadly nightshade'
  • Belladonna - meaning 'beautiful lady', this is another name for the plant mentioned above
  • Harrieta - Considering you're a werewolf- you might want a name that sounds slightly 'hairy'
  • Marta - A female name referring to the planet Mars - the red planet
  • Luna - A name that means moon. We all know werewolves love the moon!
Some other werewolf and vampire names Other good werewolf names include:

  • Rory - Sounds a bit like 'roaring'
  • Hunter - Because werewolves are very good hunters
  • Dimentia - A bit of a crazy name, but I like it
  • Shakira - I could imagine her turning into a werewolf
  • Howlard - A cross between 'howl' and 'Howard'
For some nifty vampire names, why not consider these:

  • Vlad (or Vlada) - typical vampire name
  • Sangy - Comes from the word sanguine meaning 'blood'
  • Crimson - A dark red color
  • Dentata - This word means 'having teeth'
  • Belle - Meaning beautiful in French
  • Sinistro - A sinister-sounding name
  • Claudia - Pretty little girl in the movie Interview with a Vampire
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How about Lucian for a male werewolf, Rayne for a female werewolf. Sevila for a female vampire and Valentine for a male vampire?

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