What Are True Facts About Werewolves And Vampires?(please Dont Say Its Not Real Or Any Of That Crap)


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I don't know about werewolf, for now, cause I'm studying about vampire cause I'm confused if I may be one, well here it is for vampires, first, vampire don't burst and turn to ashes if they come close to sun, they will burnt just a bit or have rashes as well as me, but they get used to it too, vampires hate garlic?, no thats a lie, ok, some vampires tend to hate its smell or eat it but like sun they get used to it, also with the silver, they have reflections in the mirror, they do have a [not really] super strength, reflexes, they heal fast, the truth about them healing fast is not the way when you cut them you could see its healing faster, no, example when you fell and broke some bone in you, like leg or arms, it will heal for a weeks only, they have strong emotions especially when they releases anger, vampires prefer nighttime rather than daytime but they can move also in the day, they just feel lack of energy, they have mental, physical, emotional and psychological abilities, they have a very well sense of hearing, sight smell, they don't really get sick all of the time and like I said they heal quickly, they are fast but not that I mean as fast, really fast, like human they need training but its easier for the vampires. Vampires don't have fangs, they do have sharp teeth or long but more on a normal teeth like human have, they don't drink blood always, they don't bite, but they need small amount of blood to have energy, they should need a donor, some need energy from human, some does both,...as for me I don't experienced a crave for blood, but I do have signs like in the descriptions above, I mean I don't crave but I like the taste of a blood though
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Werewolves are like well you and other humans us werewolves are just gifted or cursed it depends how you put. We are practically normal I bet quite few singer or famous people are vampire lycans werewolves etc. You can lead an amazing life as a werewolf! Some stay wolf almmost all their life
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Vampires have made up their own myths; being allergic to the sun, hate of garlic, death by stake through the heart, actually a stake through the heart kills anything. Well vampires actually born are 50% stronger and faster than humans, while those turned are only 5% stronger or faster. They see pretty far, can hear pretty well and can smell blood for miles, though many don't pursue. Werewolves are strong wolf-like creatures with advanced senses; they are 25% stronger & faster than humans in human form (if born) (triple for when in wolf form). Werewolves also made up their weaknesses, silver doesn't "kill" per say unless made into a sharp weapon and used to hit vital areas, werewolves change when they want, day or night and on full moons they have a strength and speed boost 4x original human form. If you add the triple bonus for in wolf form, they very hard to kill along with vampires. They don't live forever, they can die of age and that takes forever, or by a slayer (person who hunts them). Slayers do make those kinds of friends, though they don't kill all only those who ruthlessly kill humans or attack the slayer. This is all I know from 9 years of research and the hunt of 5 years, hope it's helpful.
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I am a werewolf. When you're a werewolf, you're not some blood thirsty furry beast, you just look like a normal wolf. You don't eat raw meat, but maybe you would eat a rabbit once in a while! You live in packs, just like any other wolf would. You still remember who your family is, and you don't wake up somewhere else not knowing what happened. You don't only transform at FullMoon, and you're not nocturnal, but prefer the night. We don't show ourselves to humans, so you need to become trusted by one (for example me) for them to bring you within our world. We like our privacy just as humans do, and we want people to stop looking for us. As I said, we don't show ourselves to humans. But, if say there's a person who didn't see us transform, he or she won't know. So all we would do is look up, then run away. I love being a werewolf. Running through the forest with my pack at night, feeling the cool breeze brush across my pelt, and the taste of the wet, damp air. I am a werewolf with creamy white, silky fur, and my name is Snowstorm.         

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The truth is that both Werewolves and Vampires are very real. Some are bad but most are good or somewhere in the middle; Just like humans. Werewolves and Vampires are related to each other and it is possible to be a little of both. You have to be born one but like other people have said it does not come on until you are experiencing puberty(most of the time).
We have always been here and always will. We are not to be feared, we share this earth with humans and have to live pretty "normal" lives as well. You can find lots of web resources for real vamps but little in the way of us wolves. Here is one I am putting together with info mostly for werewolves but some vampire stuff as well:
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I believe, that lycan's aka werewolves, are not mythical, they do exist, but they arn't going to go out and talking about what they are because they probably fear that the burning times may happen again, fire kills lycan's. And silver doesn't it only puts them to sleep.  If you do not believe me, than that is your own fault, but I am not telling you where I got this info. Look you can look on websites, and never know for sure all you 'research' is based of what people think. And over time, people change the story to make it more exciting, well you have to ask one of the first lycan's to know for sure how the vampire vs. Lycan war started. Hell Hounds and lycan's are two different creatures. Lycan's can shift whenever they want, not just on some full moon, and the color blue gives them strength, because there is a blue moon not when the stupid astonomers say, but when there is a full moon twice in one birth sign.
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Well, a lot of wolves answer this. I guess werewolves are real, I've never met any though. But I know of about... 5 vampires, they all go to my school. In fact 4 of them are my best friends, I'm number 5. We don't drink blood, we're 'psy-vamps' which means we absorb other creatures - humans and animals alike - energy. We often love the night and go to sleep very late. We're pretty much never sleep deprived, and always happy to drive people round the bend ...lol... We look like normal humans and we eat normal human food. We can have human families, we can be the only vampire in our family! Just because our families are human doesn't mean that we are. I hate all this ' Vampires don't exist ' and ' You're just plain nuts to think you're a vampire ' crap. It gets on all of our nerves.
If you want to know if you're a vampire, I found a website that tells you what some signs of being a vampire are:

P.S: Never say we suck, cause we know where you live, we know where you all live...
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There is nothing wrong with our kind. We exist. It's as simple As sheet.  For werewolves, our weaknesses include: Silver (yeah, it works.) and anything that can kill us in human form. The closer we are to a full moon, the stronger we are. I have actually killed a vampire the night before a full moon. For vampires (ugh...) you actually CAN be killed with a wood stake through your heart. You can drink no blood and survive, although you have an intense craving. You live forever and you are stronger and faster than any human. Hope this helped! (to asker) come join my pack, some of my friends are in it cause I turned em into werewolves, bring anyone you know who is a werewolf
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You want the truth here it is its true vampires and lycans are real theres no physical transformation there like beings living inside you theres no super strength.. Maybe elevated hearing and or sight you do have nocturnal habits but your not only awake at night you can kill the body they live in but you can't kill the spirit not with fire silver nothing crosses don't work nor does holy water.. The full moon is fun for us lycans you just get beyond happy you can drink blood for energy and some less experianced ones no from willing doners but most just feed off energy from other people and nature sexual is the best I can sit here all day and just prove almost everything written up here is wrong I'm a lycan and I only were silver jewlery no effect I go the church where a cross for spiritual protection nothing if vampires can get the energy from nature they dotn crave blood if they don't they can lycans are different without he energy and small amounts of blood every so oftern they crave the kill more then the blood personally speaking that is if you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask
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From my understanding and research werewolves are actually not like what you see in the movies but members of a elite religion and secret society...I found a website today that claims to be involved in this and from the looks of it they are all about black magic and using occultism to get whatever they want out of life at all cost so long as they don't end up breaking the laws of their countries.  Stuff scares the hell out of me to be honest.
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Pfft. Lol. To all you people who think your a vampire and a werewolf tell me what is so good about it and the faults?
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They both crawl at night
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Drew no need for anyone to know
I am a werewolf and so will not be albe to help you with any info about vampires sorry. I have no idea how or why all i know is it happened about 3 and a half years ago around the age of 17 i think you have to be chosen. You can bearly remember becomeing a werewolf. You wake up sore tired mad and sick the night after becomeing a werewolf. I never really have any urges to kill in human form the pain of being a werewolf is hard to get past but gets better over time.hope this helps
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I am a werewolf and I think I can help we werewolves can change our eye color and just like from twilight how vampires can get special abilities we cantoo but it's much less common...I myself am very lucky and I have the ability to sense others much better than any of my kind can....I bwlive that in most situations my people are much more powerful than any other.....we can shift to any stage of a wolf wether it be halfway or full....and we can shift at any time but strongest at the full moon

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