I am a married muslim women who is having an affair with a muslim married man, who is infact my boyfriend before i even got married I want to end but i dont know how to get out of this situation, i know its wrong but it is so hard to let go?


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I think you need to talk to him. Who do you love? Who do you imagine yourself old with? It might be the hardest thing in your life to do, but if you still love him and he still loves you - perhaps you should be together. It's not fair on his wife and your husband. People break up. Don't let your religion tell you that you have to stay married forever....It's a test to ask yourself what is really important to you? The longer you stay unfaithful, the harder things are going to get and the more confused you will be. The only question you need to answer is who do you love? Be true to that.

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