I Am A Happily Married Man But Recently Dream Of A Female Co-worker Who Is Also Married... What Does It Mean?


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If you are attracted to your co-worker it probably just means you are human.  Just stay FAITHFUL, don't intentionally think of the "other woman" while you are making love to your wife, because that's just wrong, but if you can't help it, well you can't help it.  If it becomes a problem talk to a counselor.  If I were you, I wouldn't tell her or anyone you knew about it,  if it ever came back to her that you were dreaming of another woman she probably wouldn't understand.  Maybe even try sparking things up with your wife, maybe things are becoming repetitious & your psyche is trying to tell you to do something different, not someone.  Good luck :D
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Maybe you got a glimpse of possible full fillment with the co-worker and you are more compatible with her.  That doesn't mean you don't like your wife this other one just might be more for you.  But, you always need to stick to your vows.  Try to do things to spice up your marriage.  You'll forget about her.  It works really.  Good luck!
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It means that the one you married is not enough for you, and that you does not love her or you did not take her as your real wife that will stay with you,  that you will respect despite,  you see the ones that is beautifier than her. Also it means you does not have confident in her.

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