Does Philosophy Contribute Anything To Society?


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Philosophy may not contribute anything practical to Society, but that does not mean that it is not useful.
Since the Ancient Greeks such as Plato and Aristotle struggled with the meaning of life almost 5,000 years ago, humans have had a need to try and figure out why we are all here and what is the 'meaning of life'.
Philosophy can help people think about good, evil, right and wrong and challenge some of our perceptions and ideals. This may not put bread on the table, but can help us to nourish our 'psyches' or souls and in that sense it can be useful.
Philosophers are also trained in thinking logically and being able to rationalise arguments and thus establish whether they are reasonable or not. This is actually a very useful skill and can be applied in many different settings, so for these reasons alone, philosophy can be both nourishing and useful !

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