What Is Montessori Philosophy?


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Italian educator and originator of the educational system that bears her name. The Montessori system is based on belief in the child's creative potential, his drive to learn, and his right to be treated as an individual.
Montessori is a discipline aiming to study and to help the development of the human individual from birth to maturity. It is an educational method as education is an integrative part of the formative process. Maria Montessori, in discovering the role of the Child in the formation of Man, became its helper and its advocate. She thus generated a movement in which those involved in human sciences and their applications. Learning process in children from birth to three years, three to six, six to twelve and beyond with both normal and handicapped children. Montessori should concern all who are genuinely interested in children and in man's future.
Montessori approach is at three levels infants and toddlers, primary and elementary. The role of a Montessori teacher is one of guide and observer, whose ultimate goal is to intervene less and less as the child develops. The teacher builds an atmosphere of calm, order and joy in the classroom and encourages the children in all their efforts, thus promoting self-confidence and discipline
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Montessori philosophy is a philosophy which believes that children are born with special mental powers and if their only aim is to create the person they want to become. Thus Montessori Philosophy is an educational technique to help moulding the minds of little kids.

This philosophy believes that children need sufficient room to grow and discover themselves and their surroundings intellectually and philosophy. They believe that the child is dynamic and focused therefore one must provide them with situation to learn from rather then teach them.

This philosophy aims at studying the transformation of child to man. Dr. Maria Montessori came to realize the child's inner power during her research in the insane asylum. And henceforth began with the working to formulate education technique to help a child discover himself and learn about the world without any monotony, force or pressure.

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