What are two examples of philosophical belief?


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Two examples of philosophical belief are:

Every person has a soul that lives on for ever, and in order to make your soul righteous you must be a good person.

It is not living that matters, but living rightly.

These are philosophical beliefs of Socrates who believed wrongdoing was a consequence of ignorance and those who did wrong knew no better. He believed that it is necessary to do what one thinks is right, even when faced with a universal opposition.
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1.) Rene Descartes -'I think, therefore I am' means: If you can personally Identify your own existence, its proof of your existence.
2.) Nietzsche said 'Is man Gods mistake or is God mans mistake'. He's also the one who coined the phrase 'what does not kill me, makes me stronger'. Nietzsche went mad later on in his life.
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As blood is red & Death is in Evitable All people are same, there is no difference in philosophical point of view

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