What happens if a zombie, vampire, and werewolf all bite the same person at the same time?


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Minahil Meher Profile
Minahil Meher answered
I don't know what happens when a zombie bites you, but if a vampire bites you surely die unless he feeds you his blood, and then if the werewolf bites the half vampire, he dies for sure.. But if all bite at the same time, the person should die instantly! Not only because of the three horrendous bites but because of a heart failure due to being in the presence of 3 mythical creatures =)
Sabastian Profile
Sabastian answered
We should seek a zombie, vampire and a werewolf and try it
Max Culbreth Profile
Max Culbreth answered
He becomes a vambie wolf
Thomas Rohrer Profile
Thomas Rohrer answered
You'd become Frankenstein.

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