While praying God what we should do? Should we have to see the Image of the God in our Mind's Eye?


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Just tell me a thing, do you know how god looks like?
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Hi Ashok, Prayer helps if we come from the inside out. Stillness and Silence can also be Prayer - in your own sacred inner space. I know not what an image of God might be for you, but you speak of the "Mind's Eye", and the more you still the mind, the more the imagery will settle down, working in tandem with the relaxation of your body - Well  - to be sure, it is a unique experience, one-by-one, and good to allocate a truly personal space for Prayer, say at home. Yet, again, we can sit in a park and although there are people around, simply be with what comes from the inside out. And that's what can affect our disposition and the reaction of other people, who at times pick up on the calmess and peace that it is possible to develop, over time. I hope this is useful to you Ashok. And something beautiful happens to you today, like hearing the birds sing differently, or the trees rustle in the distance. Have a good day.

Catherine Adams
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I believe it was Paul who said. "Pray without ceasing."  You can pray anywhere any time, sitting, walking, laying down, driving or working. When you have Jesus in your heart and the Holy Spirit dwells within you there is a constant feeling of communication between you and God. Giving thanks for everything! Much of what I write I feel an inspiration from God as to what I am to say. Many do not understand what I say because they are in the world; even many Christians. Prayers do not need to be long drawn out affairs with flowery words; Just give thanks, honour God ask for his help not a laundry list of what you want. He will give you what you need. Pray for others their needs and care. Learn what it truly means to love others as you love yourself. Matthew 22:39
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God could remove us all from earth and destroy us but because of those covenants made He cannot. Satan is still in-charge of this earth because Adam turned the earth over to Satan. If you read the Book of Revelation you will see Jesus will return in the clouds and remove those of us whom have given our lives to Jesus to the mansion He has prepared for us. 3 1/2 years later Jesus returns to earth and does battle with Satan placing him in chains in a pit. (next)
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Then comes the judgement where God separates the sheep from the goats (those whom believe in Jesus from those whom don't) Those who accept have their names in the "Book of Life" Jesus is their advocate saying they are forgiven. They enter into Heaven. Those whom rejected Jesus will be sent to a place of anguish we call Hell. We are given the choice while here on earth. No predestination here it is your choice.
Without understanding of those covenants made back in the beginning and what (next)
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Happened with those covenants it is difficult to understand why the world is where it is today. Until Jesus returns and sets up the Millennial (thousand year) Kingdom there will be strife on earth. Note that even then Satan is not destroyed nor are we destroyed. We live forever; the choice where we live is up to us if we accept Jesus or reject Him. It all goes back to those covenants.
Long explanation but I hope it helps to understand.
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Use whatever image you have that makes you calm, peaceful and relaxed.You need a "quiet time" to talk with God and pray and focussing on a happy image such as a garden or a beach will strengthen this time of prayer and underline this bonding and your time talking with God.
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Thank you Ms Janey...... Thanks for your answer....Can really God change our lives?.. Some people say..it is our fate... God never changes the fate of man.... He has to undergo what is destined to a man.... Please comment
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God is many things, our heavenly father, our creator, our confidant, our counsilor, but first and foremost he is our friend. When I "pray" I don't really pray. Idont close my eyes, bow my head and fold my hands. What if your best friend walked up to you like that? Wouldnt look at you, held his own hand and said "dear ahsok it is so nice to see you again. I hate to trouble you but could I borrow 5 bucks?" I talk to god like a veryclose firend. I usually start with "hey dude whats up? How are things in heaven?"
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When you are praying go in to your happy world , what makes you happy..and then pray no image of God or anyone just picture happiness..it might seem hard but God makes all things possible with good heart! XD
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No the bible says the only way to pray is through Jesus and TO God. That\'s the KEY right there. THERE IS NO WAY TO PRAY BUT ONLY TO GOD. Eyes open, eyes closed, kneeling, not kneeling, image of God in your head or no image of God in your head. As long as you are praying to God.(: I hope I helped. Because the bible doesn't say you have to have an image of him in your head or any of the other actions I mentioned.
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You said it right Jasmine.
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You know Bible fully Jasmine... So you say for prayers nothing required... Just think God and surrender unto Him is your answer... Right?
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The Bible says you can not look at Gods face and live, so when you do pray to him, as the Bible says through Jesus, to picture him in your minds eye, is to know him, as an all loving and all knowing God.

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