My Friend Was Born On 26-06-1997. I Think That Her Zodiac Sign Is Cancer, But She Says That It Is Gemini. Which One Of Us Is Right?


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Your friend was born a Cancer, not a Gemini.

Cancers are born between June 22 and July 22, whereas Geminis are born between May 22 and June 21.

Cancer is depicted by the crab and its opposing sign is Capricorn.

This sign's element is water and it's quality is cardinal. Cancer is ruled by the moon.

Cancer star sign...
Traditionally, Cancers are thought to have many positive attributes to their character:

  • They are very emotional signs, and are most noted for the love, affection and care they show towards their loved ones. They rely almost entirely upon their emotions rather than on logic or fact.
  • They are vey empathetic people, which makes them great listeners and friends.
  • Typically, Cancers are shrewd and cautious. They take time to make important decisions and only rarely will a Cancer act rashly.
  • Cancers are very protective and sympathetic towards their loved ones.
Cancers can also demonstrate some not-so-good traits:

  • They can be moody and inconsistent, which makes them difficult to deal with, and to read.
  • At times, they are overemotional - which leads them to getting upset about some very trival issues. This is something that makes other signs cautious about what they say around a Cancer.
  • Cancers are sometimes known for their clingyness - they find it difficult to let go once they have emotionally invested in something or somebody.
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Definitely Cancer. Cancer runs June 21-July 22. Gemini is May 21-June 20. She is right in the middle of Cancer, the crab.

Yes, it's true that the signs controlling your life is trash, but they are fun to learn about.

Navigating the skies is fun, and the zodiac signs (constellations) really help with keeping track of which stars are where. Hope I helped!

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