I think I'm paranoid about ghosts in the room. I dream of them every night. I think I'm going insane and hearing and seeing crazy things! How do I stop this?


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Bill Gates answered
First you must determine if they are real or not by trying to talk to them. For example put a flashlight on a chair (one of those flashlight that you just have to turn the top to turn it on) then put it right at the edge of turning on. Then ask them to turn on the light if they are their, but you must not be nervous because you could scary the spirit away. I recommend doing this in the dark because you will probably get better results. If they respond you are not going insane but the spirit(s) could just be trying to tell you something. You could possible ask them to stop if you want them to. However if they don't stop they're are ways to vanish a spirit, but requires information to do so that I do not have. Also if the spirit(s) try to harm you (that is rare) then you should call in someone to help you deal with them. If they keep it up you could move out or learn how to control the gift. Really I am no expert but have had my own contact with spirits, I recommend talking to a paranormal expert who does this stuff for a living. One last thing, I would also check your EM waves in the room, they have been known to mess with the mind. I hope I help in some way and I am truly sorry about your current troubles.
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You can't really stop it, what ever your dreaming thats about ghosts is trying to tell you something. Everytime you wake up write down your dreams on a piece of paper and do this for about 2-6 weeks and they should all link together. Hope this info was helpful!

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