Why Do Ghosts Only Haunt At Night?


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They don't only haunt at night, they are there all the time, but, it seems that they are more active at night because you can better see and hear their activity. Also they say the witching hour is between 12 am and 3 am. So, they will have more energy at that time.
I am sensitive to them, so I know they don't come out only at night. Hope this helps.
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No, ghosts do not only haunt at night. There are many haunted places that have given reports of objects flying off the shelves or being moved during the daytime in front of people. The most popular time for strong ghost activity is from 3-6 o'clock a.m in the morning which is referred to as dead time. If you have any questions, contact me.
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AHA! They don't only haunt at night! If you concentrate closely, they can haunt whenever they like but they just don't like brightness so that's why you usually get more activity in the night. If you want more info, watch Most Haunted or Ghost Hunters on LIVING2 or talk to me about it. Spirits cannot harm you in any way, but they may scare you. But if you ever experience anything, just remember - be more afraid of the living than the dead.
Hope This Helps :-)
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Ghosts hunt all day but they are stronger at night.
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The light blocks out their translucent body form vision in daytime. But just remember that ghosts go thru things so they cannot harm you. I know they are real... Terrible memories...
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They are around through the day only you can't see them as they hide dark places because they don't like the light
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Ghosts don't haunt at just day... They can be seen really well on cameras in the day...
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Ghost only haunt at night because during the day the strings can be seen on the blankets,the filming is easy to hide any joins or any definition .
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A Ghost or Spirit is something that has just lost its way 2 return home...The 1st step a ghost has to do  2 haunt some1 is to make the victim aware of its presence...So If you think you have seen the ghost some where,just ignore it... I know its hard but it works...Try 2 follow it...
Moreover , Spirits/Ghosts are always around us but they can't use solar energy as well as they can use d lunar energy...So, they are more active on nights...If you want 2 get rid of a powerful ghost a moon less night is d best..Of course ,there are conditions you have 2 consider like the ghost's mental energy and all but usually moonless nights are safe to get rid of ghosts when their power is minimal...
Hope it helps...

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