If I'm Married And Dream Of An Ex Boyfriend All The Time I Think About Him But He Tells Me That He Loves Me In That Dream What Is The Meaning Of My Dream HELP It Has Been Happeing For 5 Years?


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I am in the same boat. I have been married to 10 years but dream about an old boyfriend all the time. My ex wasn't the greatest boyfriend either but I can't get him out of my mind. We had the most intense connection and our love making was incredible especially after a fight. I love my husband, he is the father of my 2 kids but I have never had that intense passion with him. I try but I can't feel the same way. I did see my ex in a bar once and we talked for a long time, he asked me to come to his house for "coffee" but I knew what would happen because even in the bar with all our friends there, it was hard to keep our distance. Our bodies just wanted to be together and I am very proud to say that I didn't go there. Temptation denied. I have learned to live with the fact that my ex will always have a special place in my heart and soul but I am committed to my marriage 100%.
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Sometimes your brain can say one thing and your heart another. You may well know that you and your X were simply not compatible and were not going to be a long term item. Perhaps your brain told you that you were going to be hurt or that you were not being treated the way you deserve. Perhaps your brain knew that this guy was not honest. Whatever the reason, he is an X for a reason. He was not good for you for some reason. You were smart enough to see that and act on that knowledge. But when you have had a thing or someone in your life that was important to you and then it is no longer there, you may well miss it in your subconscious, which is what your dreams are: Your subconscious reminding you of someone that was once important to you. It does not mean that you were incorrect in making the decision that you made.

I quit smoking, a thing that I had done for a long time and that I really enjoyed. Knowing full well that my life could be made shorter by this habit and that I might have a very dehabilitating long term illness, I quit. I dreamed about smoking for at least a year after I quit. Do you see the relationship between me and you? I enjoyed it, I quit and although it was the right decision, I dreamed about it. Those dreams were our subconscious simply reminding us of something that we once enjoyed. Don't put too much stock in dreams, Tanzee. They are simply dreams....in time, they will go away.
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I have beening married for four yrs and been with my husband for 13yrs, We have three kids together .  I love my husband  and I can't understand why I have been dream of my ex boyfriend for throught out our hole releationship since I have not seening him since high school.  When I dream of him it either am telling him I love him or am somewhere in danger and he always there to help me.. I told my husband about it but what I don't tell him is that I always look forward to seening him in my dream...
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I think the dream is telling you to not forget about him and to be thankful for your time spent with him but to move on. In other words suck it up and get over him
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Oh my god, I've been having the same thing. I can't stop thinking about him, I don't know what came over me.. I just started having dreams about my ex again, while I'm currently in another relationship, which I'm very happy in, no doubt but I don't know why I can't stop thinking about him..
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I have the same problem...
He's not technically my ex, though.. In high school, I was crazy about him - and as hard as he tried, he couldn't stay away from me.. We had an intense connection that was very difficult to control. But we never got together... He moved and got a girlfriend, but when he visited, we couldn't stay away from each other..

About a year out of high school, he married his girlfriend.. I was torn up, but decided I had to move on.. I got into a relationship and about 2 years later we were engaged, and the guy from high school called me. He apologized for the way things were in high school, said he missed me, blah blah blah.. I was insanely happy to hear all of that, and even wished I could do something about it, but I was engaged and didn't want to hurt my fiance.  I also didn't want to have any part in ruining his marriage. So I forced myself to behave.. So he decided to work on his marriage, thanks to my advice and turning him down...

Almost 2 years later and I'm married. I've been having dreams about him since I said "I do." In my dreams, it's never lust and passion... It almost always consists of us wanting each other, badly... But not being able to do anything, because we're both tied to other people (figuratively, not literally).. Then I wake up, and I'm sad because I miss him.. I don't know if I made the right decision when we last spoke.

I'm strongly considering calling him today.. I need to know if he still thinks about me, or dreams about me, or anything...
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It simply means that he is still in your head. I used to have dreams that I was back in the Navy, or with my ex, it is just possibly unfinished business that occasionally comes to the surface
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First you must figure out why your EX is your EX dream or no dream if things were bad enough for a separation just remember that and yeah you still have feelings for him and perhaps that is why he is your EX the feelings were not mutual,and he knows your feelings for him,as previously stated remember why he is a EX...Good Luck ,The dreams will disappear with time unless YOU plan to act on the dreams....
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Hello I did same thing ive been married of my hubby for 7yrs now and were happy together with my 1child, and its really confusing me why my x bf always seeing him in my dreams and I didn't even think about him..
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It means that you haven't really gave up on him have you been thinking about him lately or if your in another relationship slow it down it might be scaring you!
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Well I would say that it just mean that you have a deep connection with him, but if you are married and love that person then stay within him now. I ain't going to lie, it will be hard at times, but just remember he is an ex for a reason!

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