How do you gain faith in someone you just met? How long does it take?


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Faith == Trust...Trust takes many moons. I waited years to get married and 13 years later found that I could not trust him. That's okay because I did not hang around for the abuse which usually follows. I don't need drama and that is exactly what your life will be if you ALLOW yourself to deal with someone who you cannot trust.On the other hand, I believe in soulmates. I was 19 when I met mine and really did NOT believe it possible that early in life. He was and still is; but, life took it's own turns. However, I will say that even though TIME changes everything and nowadays, people think they are in love at 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, you are only robbing yourself because at that age, one hardly knows him/herself to GIVE oneself selfishly. It's better to have healthy experiences and friends and move on into adulthood. One has many years to love and there is a lot to do out there without getting bogged down in drama that will make your life miserable 3 months later.....

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