Where Does Faith And Belief Come From?


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Faith and belief comes from with in us. We are faith. We are belief. We are also doubt and unbelief. We as individuals must make the decision where we want to go in life, to be the big self or the little self. All of us have self-doubts at the beginning of some actions whether we are doctors, lawyers, engineers, or salesmen. We must think of our confidence and our belief as wings that can make us rise to our target, to attain our goals and reach self-fulfillment no matter how important our times may be.

Often at the beginning of our career for example me, I as a public speaker, I would be overcome with the fear of disbelief a lack of belief in myself, just before I got to the platform to deliver my talk. How would I begin, and how could I get through, But when the time came, I was there. I carried on because I had something to say. I did the best I could and I came through with flying colors.

With doubt and unbelief our creative wings are abrupt for the moment and we can not get off the ground to rise above our self-imposed prison. We must thank God for doubt and unbelief. It is our ethical responsibility to rise above them to make something of ourselves through faith and belief.
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Faith comes by hearing the word of God . God is better than his word alone . He establishes truth and if people can't or won't accept it that is their problem . He is there to help but like a good father he allows us to make up our minds . God doesn't have to make up his mind he already knows what to do . It is the problem that we decide to question our faith concerning him and not his problem .
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Faith & belief come from within ourselves. With self belief and faith in ourselves we can reach new heights in our lifes.

Of course we should have in god too.
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Faith and belief are the result of constant religious brainwashing from birth, formal education and life-long propaganda based on the fictional stories, visions and ideas contained in the Old and New Testaments, and/or comparable documents.
Just because you believe doesn't make it true.

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