Can You Give Examples Of Superstitious Beliefs With Scientific Basis?


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The difference between science and superstition beliefs is the science tells true information that has a basis which is testing it through experiments.While, superstition beliefs   just tells a hypothesis (intelligent guest) or sometimes is just predicted by sorcerers that they read through their demonic ways including the sorcerer telling a man's specific fortune...
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Yes because Beliefs have two kinds  With Scientific Basis and Without Scientific Basis...
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  • Umbrellas inside the house - you will drown the next time you swim;
    or, opening an umbrella indoors will bring you bad luck

  • No
    reds allowed - Don't wear red when there's lightning, or else it may
    strike you.

  • Broken reflection - 7 years of bad luck if
    you break a mirror. (This one originated in the Middle Ages where
    mirrored glass was extremely expensive; anyone who broke the large
    mirror of the lord or lady of the land was costing them a lot of money
    and destroying something likely not replaceable. A person could be put
    in jail if the lord of the land was pissed off enough.)

  • Don't
    let a black cat cross your path; it will bring you bad luck. (I suppose
    you could trip over a black cat in the dark and break your leg, but
    really the coat color of a cat has nothing to do with luck either way.)

  • "Find
    a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck"

  • Rain
    on your wedding day is a good omen

  • Do not ride a
    bicycle if you're a woman because you will not get pregnant

  • When
    you are getting married, do not wear your wedding gown before the
    wedding or else your wedding will canceled

  • Hanging a
    horseshoe on a wall with ends pointing up brings good luck

  • Stepping
    on a crack in the sidewalk will break your mother's back.

  • Bathing
    at night is equal to a cup of blood loss.

  • Don't walk
    under a ladder or else you'll have bad luck

  • No peacock
    feathers indoors

  • Black Friday - Friday 13th

  • Carry
    a rabbit's foot for good luck (unless you are the rabbit concerned)

  • When
    you spill salt, throw some over your shoulder to prevent bad luck

  • Casting
    the evil eye will cause the bad luck to come back to you (karma)

  • Don't
    sweep at night or you'll have fewer blessings

  • Cover
    your mouth when you sneeze or else your soul will go out

  • Sleeping
    late at night can cause a decline in blood

  • Running at
    6:00 - you might kick the dwarfs

  • Cover your mirror
    during thunder so that it will not break

  • Do not point
    with your hands at night or else your hands will get smaller

  • If
    one of your relatives dies and their eyes are still open, he or she is
    waiting for some of your family, relatives, or friends to die

  • Don't
    go to sleep at night with wet hair or else snakes will sleep with you

  • If
    you are pregnant, eat bananas so that you can have twins

  • When
    you see an ant, eat it to make your voice good

  • "Red
    sky at night, sailors' delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning"
    - scientifically, a red sky in the evening means calm winds and no
    rain. So there is something to it.
  • You will have bad luck for 7
    years if you break a mirror
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Cutting toe nails at night is bad luck .
A person putting finger nails on fire at night will die the next morning.
Bride drops her ring during the wedding will die ahead of the groom.
Never sweep the floor at night or you'll sweep sorrow into your life.
If a picture of three people is taken, the person in the middle will be the first to die.
Which ever partner falls asleep first on their wedding night will be the first to die.
Killing a spider is bad luck.
If you leave a rocking chair rocking when empty, it invites evil spirits to come into your house to sit in the rocking chair.
Chase away any owls outside your window; they are a harbinger of death.
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Because scientific beliefs are proven to be true,while superstitious beliefs are not.hehehehehe....
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Superstitions has no basis or even relevance, it is a form of culture. Scientific beliefs have proofs and can be proven..
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Superstitions are universally considered to be unsupported scientifically, if that's what you're asking here.

10 I can think of off the top of my head are....

- if you spill salt, toss a pinch over your left shoulder to avoid bad luck
- broken mirrors bring 7 years of bad luck
- walking under a ladder is bad luck
- a black cat crossing your path is bad luck
- put a plate of milk outside for the faeries so they don't suck your cows dry
- Never place a mirror across from your front door
- step on a crack, break your mother's back
- idle hands are the devil's playground
- cats should never be allowed near babies as they will suck the breath from the child and suffocate it
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No there is no link between superstitions and scientific basics. Let me tell you one superstition, where many people believe, if one black cat crosses your path while you are going out, is there any scientific link to it, no I don't think so.
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Driving faster is a warning that you have been crash over other car in the road.

Malungay is the medicinal plant because many believes it and it proves that it is true.

Rainfall comes from the sky.

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