How Can I Make My Faith Stronger Like Before?


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There sometimes comes a point in time, where an individual needs to personally evaluate parts of his or her life. The really important things in life, anyway. We each can sometimes want to understand this or that, but can loose interest if no answer or understanding comes to us. A person at the crossroads, has to ask himself or herself, What do I really want and need here? You might have to shop around or search for this answer. I can promise you this much, the answer is around here somewhere and you can find it if you are willing. A person can show you a door, but only you can know what is true for you and only you can decide when you have entered the right door. Searching is senior to just sitting on the sidelines. I made a promise to you, so please don't let me down, and more importantly, please don't let yourself down...
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First of all, I'm not all that certain that you need your "faith stronger like before." It is not the size or strength of your faith that is important ... But the object of your faith. What do you believe in? I'm supposing that you're speaking about Jesus Christ. But again, what about Jesus? Instead of floundering around seeking after a feeling, look more into the Word of God to learn about the Truth of your relationship with Jesus. Jesus is the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.
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Praise God for who He is and for what He has done through all generations including ours.  Be full of thanksgiving for His bountiful blessings. Singing, it is another form of worship/praise...God likes to be sung to.  Prayer: In native language and speaking in tongues (I Cor. 12).  Reading our Bibles/doing devotions.  Going to Bible Study.  Like-minded Christian friends.  Hearing a sermon.  Going to Christian conferences, retreats, classes, workshops, etc....
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By studying the word and using your faith
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You may have grown up believing things and not questioning them. Perhaps you've reached a point where you are becoming more skeptical. That is healthy. You need to find your own philosophy and refine your own beliefs. Talk to people you trust about your questions and learn what other people have written about a variety of different ideas.

As you go through life you will probably find that you change your views and that your ideas about faith change as you change. It may or it may not strengthen your faith but it is a processes of self exploration and learning about the world that will ultimately help you grow as a person.

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