Why Do People Feel So Strongly About Religion? And Why Do They Become So Emotional When Someone Has A Different View On Religion?


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Because they want to believe their path is the right path and to allow others to express a adversion to their chosen path, then it puts a seed of doubt that perhaps their path is failable. Spirituality is one of the most personal things to a person and it is taken seriously, you become a part of that reigion, or faith, so you feel when someone is attacking the religion they are indeed attacking you personally!
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I personally believe that when people are passionate about something they respond with strong words sometimes.  Those that respond are usually very passionate about their relationship with God or their lack of feelings about God.  Some people also just like to be right and try to prove it by adamant words.  I am what you would call a "right-wing conservative christian and if I am asked about my faith I will gladly share it or if someone gives an opening for me to share my faith I will.  However, I do not become angry at someone for not sharing my faith because that is contrary to what I believe makes a true and strong christian.  I share my faith and if someone doesn't agree, it is their right to do so.  I will just continue to pray for them and if they are interested at another point they will say so or let me know in some way.  Sorry if I got off course there a little.  It's just my personal opinion. 
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It's a natural process. From the day of the birth we are treated that the religion is above all things, So when we grow up our mind set does not allow us to go against that thinking. Child learns what his elders do, whether its right or wrong. So when children see the religion as the highest priority of their elders they get an image in their mind that it is something very important which is considered above our comfort and everything. Its most common with human that they dose not accept wrong claim about the thing which they have know from their childhood, it also sometime happened in the case of parents. So whenever their is someone with different religion the human psyche dose not allow him to hear wrong things about his religion, So to absorb those thing is far away from his psyche.
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A person's faith is very personal and people become very passionate about it!  As well they should, I mean why be luke-warm about it?  Even Jesus rebuked luke-warm Christians! I am a Christian, and know for sure that Jesus is the only way to God and to Heaven.  I will share that, but I will not press the subject into the ground.  I have noticed non Christians sure are wanting to argue about Christianity- I mean if you do not believe in God, that is your choice, but why continue to make a fuss about it? 
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I felt I needed to clarify to Maldridge that I don't agree with being luke-warm about our faith either. The question was asking why there are arguments between those that have a different belief. I understood that as arguments between believers and non-believers. I don't believe that you can win anyone to the Lord by arguing with them. I'm sure that's not what you meant either. Jesus did rebuke luke-warm christians and rightly so, but he was loving towards the sinners. It is by our love and unity that Jesus said that we would be His witnesses. My whole life revolves around my faith in Jesus but I simply meant in my first response that arguments with non-believers will not win them to the Lord and, therefore, we should state our beliefs and if they aren't received well, don't press the issue into an argument. I hope that clarifies my position a little better. God Bless!
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yes. the Bible does teach that we should lovingly witness, but the Holy Spirit does the convicting. Lost people are not spiritually discerned, so the message of Christ is foolishness to them, and the Bible does say not to engage in silly arguments. I recall Jesus asking His disciples, in re: to the Pharisees "Why are you arguing with them?" point is- you cannot argue with a pharisee!
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Someone giving a different view on a religion is really saying to the first person--"Your religion is wrong, you have been living a lie".  Those are fighting words and we know that most wars throughout history had a lot of basis in religion.
People blow their own religious horn because most Christians are taught that it is their duty to bring lost souls to Christ.
Religious debates are ok in some settings but in work and recreation etc, arguing religion is a very dangerous practice.  Some people never get over what someone else may say and they may not appear to be upset.  But they may never forget it and may secretly even the score every chance they get.
Same goes for politics. 
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Everyone wishes to believe that their religion is the only right one.  yet there are so many religions out in the world. Everybody believe what they think is right thats why they believe in the religion that they do.They become emotion because so people have been raised that religion and becomes part of there life and becomes natural and they tend to believe what they think is right and the only right way.Thats why some people become emotional...
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Well me personally.

When somebody has a different point of view and it's directed at you. It is basically having a religious war with the individual , even though you are so certain that your faith is the correct one..... When the other person also feels strongly about there religion, it gives you a sense of doubt about your own.

This is the exact reason the debating feature to post was removed...


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