How Many Pages Does The Bible Have?


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We cannot say how many pages are there in the Bible. There are different versions of the Bible. The same version is printed in different sizes for convenience and different purposes. The smaller ones are printed in smaller fonts and are easy to carry along while going for a prayer meeting or a journey. The larger ones are printed with larger fonts and they will contain more maps and concordance at the back. The illustrated Bibles contain pictures and paintings. Some Bibles are also color coded. Some have Chapter Headings some don't.

Most of the Bibles I use contain above 2000 pages because I like larger fonts and other features like the Cross-reference margin, the Introduction or Outline of each book, the Foot notes and at the end the Maps with Index and the Concordance which are helpful for Bible studies.
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Pages? Even with a known translation it would be difficult to tell since some are illustrated. If all the original text was recovered there would be many more. I find it interesting that given the 'writers' all came from various countries, over thosands of years, and from different backgrounds- the theme (or message) was written in the the same format or theme. Example: God was always referred to the same way. Even historians like Josephesus who came along around 70 AD wrote of the events similarly.

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