How Many Types In Hands According To Palmistry?


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Every human being have different hand by others but according to shape of hand palmistry can differentiate hands in seven types same as:Elementary hand: The qualities of this hand are hard, fatty, unsoft and hoarse. The fingers of elementary hand are mostly small, fatty and hoarsive. Palm in always abroad and lines are shortly appearing on it. The thumb is also hoarse, small and looks like as in dispirited style.

Square hand: It is the best type of hands in palm reading, as the name the shape of this hand is same as square. It is the luckiest hand and all lines and mounts are meaningful on it. This is a strong and squared hand and the thumb is normal and not flexible. The skin is strong and hard on this hand and nails are squared. The palm is equal in length and fingers are squared and normal. The lines are limited on this hand.Pointed or imaginary hand: It is thinner, long and smart hand. It is flexible, soft and beautiful hand. The nails are thinner and figures and pointed on it. It shows the personality of a person who always live in imaginary land.

The artistic or conical hand: This is a conical and beautiful hand. The palm is soft and fingers and oval or conical shaped. It is the hand of sensitive peoples.Philosopher hand: This is a long hand which creates degree near the top of fingers. The bones are prominent on it and nails are in longer shade. As the name shows it is the hand of intelligent people.
Spade shape hand: The palm is vast but not normal shaped. The hands are spaded and long.

Promiscuous or mixed hand: This hand shows the qualities of all hands like some figures and square and some are pointed. The palm is spaded shaped and thumb is as philosopher hand .So it is difficult to examine the nature of mixed hand person.

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