What Is Macumba?


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Macumba is an Afro-Brazilian religion that combines traditional African religions, Brazilian spiritualism, and Roman Catholicism. Candomble is the best known sect that practices Macumba.

The African elements of Macumba include an outdoor ceremonial site, the sacrifice of various different animals, spirit offerings (with candles of different sizes and scents, and different types if beautifully colored and scented flowers), and dances.

Macumba rights are generally led by mediums, who enter into trances and communicate with the holy spirits.

The Roman Catholic elements of Macumba include the worship of saints who were given different African or African based names.

Today, Macumba is still a live religion that is practiced by thousands of people. It can be seen in practice in different parts of Africa, Brazil and even in the United States. It is a very unique religion that combines religious traditions from different religions with different cultures from different countries.

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