What Happened To The Pharisees?


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The word Pharisees is derived from the Hebrew word prushim, which has, in turn, been derived from the word parush, which means a person who is detached. The Pharisees, therefore, is used to define a person who is separated for the purpose of leading a life of purity.

The relationship that was amid the Pharisees and Rabbinic Judaism is a very close relationship. This relationship has been exemplified by the Talmud. It is such a strong bond that it is difficult for most people to distinguish between the two.

The social reputation and beliefs of the Pharisees did change over a period of time, as the changes in the political and social conditions took place in Judea. The Pharisees were one of the groups that succeeded the pious movement which is known as the Hasidim, which was an anti-Hellenic Jewish movement. It was formed during the reign of Antiochus Epiphanus, the Seleucid king who ruled between the year 175 B.C.E. and the year 163 B.C.E.

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