Is The World Ending Anytime Soon?


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That depends on what you believe in, some people believe it will end in 2012....
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No, it isn't. There's no asteroids scheduled to come close, no massive solar flares expected...Heck, we don't even have any massive plagues going on yet.

The closest things we have to real-life "end of the world" scenarios are running out of oil, called Peak Oil, which is really bad news for humans and modern hi-tech civilization, and Global Warming, which IS bad news for the entire planet, but might take hundreds or thousands or millions of years.

The last but of good news? If we run out of oil, it'll slow down global warming, at least. Not entirely, because a lot of the problem is burning other stuff like coal and the rain forests.

Upshot - no, the world isn't ending anytime soon. Just getting progressively, slowly harder to survive in. Don't run out and max out your credit cards, or you'll be around to regret it.
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I don't think so.

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There are rumors going on about the "End Of The World!" but Im don't think it's going to happen any time soon. Some rumor That it ends in 2012. LIES!
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Someone described the 2012 thing to me as "Like looking at your calendar on the wall and exclaiming "Oh my god! The calendar stops on December 31st! The manufacturer clearly was predicting the end of the world!!"
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