Is Ouija Game Arabic? Because I Know Arabic And That's What It Sounds Like.


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While the Parker Brothers version is with Romanized characters, implying that Ouija can be used with any language capable of being romanized, we can infer that the game can be modified to accomodate any language based on an alphabet or syllabary. Build your own Ouija board with Arabic script, improvise a platen, and test this yourself. It will work. I know this because I built my own Ouija many years ago; you don't need to buy the branded game.
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"Oui" is French for "Yes" and "Ja" is German for "Yes"-Ouija. Most people that claim to been "haunted" by "spirits" after using the Ouija board says that the "spirits" talk, whispering to them in a strange language thats very similar to the Arabic language, So I don't know, maybe?
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I would say it's more likely french/cajun. And it's not a game to be played with in my opinion.

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